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We built a 6' x 6' jail cell in our room. We played a game similar to 'jailbreak". I modified a spinner from a board game, so that 2 quarters of the spinner said "Go to Jail for preaching the Good News", and the other 2 quarters said "Set the prisoners free - answer a question correctly". If the student landed on "go to jail", they went into the jail. If the student landed on "set the prisoners free", they were asked a question from the lesson. Some of the questions that I found were from this link:


I added a few more questions to the list, and they are attached, along with a picture of the spinner. 

The kids really enjoyed this!


Game spinner


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There were no teams in this game - After we read the Scripture in Acts 16, each child lined up to spin the spinner. If the spinner landed on "Go to jail", the child was put into the jail cell. If the spinner landed on "set the prisoners free", they had to answer a question correctly. If the answer was incorrect, then that student also went into the jail. When a student answered correctly, they were then allowed to open the jail door and let all of the "prisoners" out. Sometimes we had several kids in the jail at one time.  I will post pictures of our jail shortly.

Normal "Jailbreak" is a tag-type game with teams. If someone on the "it" team gets tagged, they get put in jail. If another member of the "it" team is able to run up and tag the jail without getting caught, then all of the prisoners are freed.

In our version of the game, there is no running or tagging. Just answering questions. 

Let me know if you have any other questions!



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