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In the Rotation Model, the Video Workshop is sometimes called the "Theater" or "Cinema" Workshop. Typically it is where videos are shown.  In some Rotation churches, it is where videos are MADE and viewed (sort of a "drama workshop"). A variation on this idea is the "News Studio" where Bible stories are turned into news programs/commericals, and videotaped. Another variation is the making of visuals, such as, cartoon transparencies, or making an audio recording/reading/song. 


nancy pics 010




Director's chairs, "rollie" chairs, theater seats, stackable plastic adirondack chairs... the idea is COMFORT and FUN. Most Rotation churches would agree that floor cushions might induce sleep, and bean bags can be a bit noisy. 


Popcorn machines are popular in the Video Workshop, and thus, so are vacuum cleaners!



Because of the increasing popularity of LCD projectors, most Video Workshops these days do not use projection screen, but rather, simply have a white space on a wall.


LCD Projectors have dramatically come down in price over the years. What once cost a Rotation church $4000 is now just $400.  By comparison, a film projector in 1990 cost $700.



You can find Bible movie posters on Ebay, or make your own as a special project.



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The first few photos I took while I was visiting State Street United Methodist Church in Bristol, VA  (You should be able to click on a photo to view a larger image.)


State Street UMC Bristol, VA


Theater seats labeled with names from the Bible




State Street UMC Bristol, VA


Along the walls were the books of the Bible done on "film"




Theater sign

Someone had made this neat sign over the door to the workshop




ElmGroveB-VideoElm Grove Baptist, Bonner KS' Video Workshop sign.




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StarryNightCinema 1 [1)

United PC, Sterling KS

Our Starry Night Cinema - We opted for folding camp chairs for several reasons - small budget, place for kids to set their drinks while eating popcorn, and they are easily moved to another workshop if needed.

StarryNightCinema 1


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