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The following is being posted by Wormy for Luanne who lost power in the great ice storm that hit along the US/Canadian border this Christmas week. 

A year-end thank you from Luanne Payne, President, Inc.

Dear Members and Supporters,

When I agreed last January to be your President, I did so with fear and trepidation. When I said "yes," we were in the middle of some enormous format changes, technical switchovers, and lesson editing projects. I was taking over from the legendary CreativeCarol. And I had never led a virtual online community before, from Canada no less!

And so my humble and sincere thank you to every member, our dozens of volunteer writers and reviewers, and our part-time editorial staff, Phyllis and Neil. It was a team effort blessed by God.

All of what you see at is made possible by our Supporting Members. We are grateful for their generosity and trust.

I want to thank our volunteer Board members who spend countless hours working on this site, discussing changes, and helping with content. Anne, Cathy, Jaymie and Carol, --you are a blessing.

Carol our "Retired" (hahaha) President deserves our special thank you.  She's been especially active answering membership queries, improving the layout of lessons, and serving as Assistant Web Administrator. Did I mention she's a volunteer? (Carol...when do you sleep?)

Then there is Neil, "Board Member Emeritus," who is now occasionally known as "Wormy." When the technical complexity and content of our site grew beyond volunteer efforts, we asked Neil to become our 10 hour/week editor and webmaster. Creating and overseeing that position was a major step forward for all of us in 2013. Neil also continues to volunteer lesson content and workshop ideas which, more often than not, make me think outside the box.

A Few 2013 Highlights

  • We had a slight increase in Supporting Members in 2013. This kept our budget healthy, and let us make numerous technical and content improvements. It also let us plan several new lesson and resource projects.
  • We (almost) finished editing all the Lesson Forums. Lots of great content was unearthed and improved! ...and more to come.
  • We began editing and improving the Workshop Design Forum. The creative ideas in there are astounding.
  • In 2013 we received a generous monthly grant of "adwords" from Google. Now when people google keywords like "Sunday School lessons," they can easily find us in the search results.
  • We were able to afford professional editing of 2 more volunteer Writing Team lesson sets in 2013. Available to our Supporting Members, the quality and creativity of this curriculum continues to impress.
  • We opened for public viewing all the Writing Team lesson summaries so non-supporting members can see how creative and strong these lesson sets are.
  • Perhaps the most popular change at this past year was the addition of the "LIKE" button. Now you can 'like' individual posts, which coincidentally, also bookmarks that post on your personal "wall" on your profile page. Nice.

Give me a shout!

I'd love to hear from you personally with your thoughts and suggestions.  If you'd like to become more involved here at, let me know.   You can reach me via a "dialogue" (supporting members only) at the site, or email me directly at

Thank you for being a blessing to our site, and may you continue to be a blessing to God's children in the year ahead. Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to virtually supporting the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School and Sunday Schools everywhere. Learn more about
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