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Looking to do a 3 week rotation on All Saints/ All Souls. I would need materials and ideas for 3 stations for ages 3 years to 14 years.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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All Saints Fun House

We just did a Saturday afternoon "All Saints Fun House" for 60 kids and their parents. Kids were organised into 6 tour groups (by age) and expereinced the Bible story from Creation to Revelation. While waiting for their tour they visited several workshops: mural painting (Revelation), dough-making & bread baking (for next day's Communion and to take home, games, reading corner (books on saints from the local library)and making greeting cards. This idea comes from Gretchen Pritchard, a Christian educator in Conneticut. Look for her under I am sure you could adapt this for a rotation. Sorry, but there isn't much on All Souls.

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I forgot to say that 24 of the 60 kids came from an inner-city drop-in programme. In the past we have gone over there with some adults and kids and battled to teach the Gospel in cramped rooms with no sound system etc. So they came by the busload! They had a blast and their Director phoned us yesterday to say that she has had several phone calls (something which does not normally happen) from their parents. They want to know what fun their children had on Saturday because they won't stop talking about it! Needless to say, we will be doing something along these lines again.

Saints- Ideas

  • Mission Possible – make a stained glass window
  • Lighthouse Café – decorate small pumpkins for tables at Saints on the Street
  • Holywood – monologue on 3 saints for the day (need costumes) – interview members of the class – a brief biography and why they love God.
  • Creation Station – decorate ornament for all who have died in parish family this year
  • Special Assignments – Faith Crest – using a shield put the child’s name with a phrase “A Saint of God” draw images on the crest that tell about themselves and what they do for God

  • Mission Possible – Graffiti Wall - Divide long sheet/roll of paper on wall with line – one side write “With Christ” and other side write “Without Christ” – have them draw pictures and words that depict this
    Talk about Halloween and All Saints
  • Lighthouse Café – Peace Offering Cocoa
  • Holywood – monologue on other 3 saints and interview again –
  • Heritage Bells - Ribbon of bright color – string a bell in honor of someone who has helped you understand God better – sing and pass the ribbons listening to the bells that tell of those who set the foundation for our faith
  • Creation Station – paper weaving – all that have gone before us have woven the fabric of faith. Weave strips of colored paper naming someone that has helped them.
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Well, right off the top of my head, how about:

  1. Teach the hymn "I Sing a Song of the Saints of God"
  2. Identify "saints" in your congregation~ those who have servant hearts and a love for God. Interview them and perhaps have the children create a power point presentation or video about these saints.
  3. Brainstorm a list of "saintly characteristics". Have the children create mosaics, stepping stones, or "stained glass" and include the words that reflect those qualities

I hope that helps!

Jan S

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Last year, our youth attached the individual names of church members that had passed in the past year with a fall-colored ribbon to a small bell. The children hung the bells on artificial trees located just outside of our sanctuary. The church members enjoyed seeing the visible and decorative memorial for loved ones. The trees were often moved throughout the church for a few months, but those bells remained in remembrance.

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