Announcement Regarding the Supporting Membership Increase (3/1/18)

An important announcement from

Luanne, Cathy, Anne, Carol, Jaymie, Amy, and Heidi 

Dear Fans,

The volunteer Board of Directors voted to raise the cost of annual Supporting Memberships on March 1, 2018, from $30 to $45.

The increase only takes effect on the expiration date of current one-year memberships IF you approve it by clicking "enable auto-renewal" on your Member Status Page.

This increase is much needed and the first in many years. The cost of hosting, maintaining, and expanding our site has grown as has our content, quality, and vision. Please join us in this non-profit, forward-thinking, crowd-sourcing approach to CREATIVE Sunday School ideas and lessons and become a Supporting Member.

Visitors: Purchase a Supporting Membership Now

Registered Members: Upgrade to a Supporting Membership Now

Supporting Members: Update Your Member Profile Email 
and approve auto-renewal on your Member Status Page


Why the increase?

The size, quality, and complexity of our site have been steadily increasing for several years, and thus, so have our costs of hosting, maintenance, and resource editing needs. 

Unlike ad-driven, for-profit lesson sites and denominational publishers, we believe in creative choices, the power of sharing, and a community ready to help one another. Managing and funding this state-of-the-art online mission means we need committed members, and we continue to be blessed in that respect!

It has been seven years since our last increase. We hope you'll agree that $45 per year is well-worth what we have become, and all the new and innovative Sunday School content we have been adding and will continue to add. 

THE BIGGEST BENEFIT of being a Supporting Member is being part of our revolutionary approach to non-profit, online, crowd-sourcing & crowd-supporting of creative Sunday School ideas, lessons, and resources.

In addition to gaining several helpful site features, Supporting Members also get complete access to our fantastic and expanding collection of Writing Team Lesson Sets --arguably the most creative Sunday School curriculum in existence.

If you or your church would prefer to send a check for $45 (or more), you can make it out to " Inc." and mail it along with your name and registered member screen name to our Treasurer. After receiving your check, we'll update your member status. Inc
c/o Cathy Walz, Treasurer
1518 Elgin Ave
Forest Park, IL 60130

2017 Board of Directors at
The 2018 Board of Directors Inc. is a 501(c3) non-profit, non-denominational ministry.


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Original Post

Hey "registered" members and visitors!

wormy-pointing-leftIf you become a supporting member before March 1st, the cost is only $30 for 12 months of Supporting Member access!

That's 33% off what it would cost you after March 1st. 

In addition to supporting great resource collection and creation, Supporting Members get the following benefits:

Questions? Post them below.


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Hi, Kristen!

annual supporting membership increased to $45/year effective March first. So on your next renewal anniversary date it will be $45, not $30.  So you need to go back now to approve automatic renewal at the higher rate (now that it is after March first).  

Hope that makes sense, and I hope you find our resource to be worth the higher annual cost. Thank you for your support!


Hi Kristen,

I'm sorry you are confused. (Actually, it has been confusing for all of us! We haven't increased the price of a Supporting Membership since 2012!)

There was, unfortunately, no way to lock in a future year of Supporting Membership, at the lower rate.

What happened was this: on March 1 at approximately 10 am (Eastern time), everyone's renewal was switched to "off." This is because we had increased the price of a Supporting Membership, and it wouldn't be fair to automatically charge you at the higher rate, without your approval.

Earlier today (March 4), your Supporting Membership came up for renewal and was terminated because it was not set to renew automatically. (In order to have it automatically renew you would have had to select "Re-Enable Auto-Renewal" after March 1st.)

At this point, if you'd like to re-instate your Supporting Membership, go to your Member Status page and scroll down to click on the "Purchase Now" button.

I hope this clears things up. Ask another question if you have one.

-- Carol


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