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Lesson Ideas for teaching the Apostles Creed.

Editor's Note:
Because creeds cover a wide range of theological subjects, they often are not taught as a four or five week rotation in Workshop Rotation Model. Rather, they are often taught in other places in the church, such as, Confirmation classes and Children's sermons. In some Rotation churches, the Creed is taught during a particular season (such as Lent) over a period of weeks at the END of each regular lesson.

That said, if you have a great Apostles Creed lesson idea or lesson set, please post it!

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Why is it Called the "Apostle's Creed"?

Another area to explore using the Creed is to do some research and learning about the Apostles; who were they and why did the Creed get named the way it did? 

I hope that gives you a springboard!
Blessings to you-
Jan Snell

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Music/Movement Idea

My first thought was the song "Creed" by Rich Mullins. Could they do something with music/movement? 

Moderator notes:  you can listen to it on YouTube (some versions have lyrics) 

CD - "Songs" by Rich Mullins, Provident Music, 1996, 602341620529.

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Art Idea - Wall Mural

To introduce the Apostles' Creed for our K-5 rotation (with mostly K & 1st). 

Brief Lesson Outline: 

Memory verse: Deut. 6:4. 

Advance Prep:

  • I took large pieces of white butcher paper(about 48"x48") wrote each phrase of the creed on one.
  • Need an adult leader w/each 2-4 children to offer suggestions and encourage/clarify their ideas.


  1. Put children in groups of 1, 2 or 3 and had them illustrate each phrase. 

    I encouraged stick figures and drew a couple as examples, e.g. "the holy catholic church" was different shaped boxes with a cross on the top or door (representing different congregations) connected with a big circle.
  2. Discuss:  We talked about the universal church-all those who worship Jesus, all around the world.
  3. Then I asked one of the more tentative students to color that page for us.


At the end of that class, the kids had a wall-sized mural illustrating the entire creed because I hung up the pictures, in order, as they completed them. 

They seemed to enjoy walking along and saying/reading it together and the entire process seemed to help them memorize it. 

I've used the pictures since on the walls of the Praise tent where we have games and music. They were pleased with their work and brought their parents and friends down to see it. 


Older kids might not find this as meaningful, but it actually engaged ALL my learners that morning. 

Probably works best with 5-9 learners, because the more production minded can do a couple and help hang them while those with more of a craftsman approach can perfect their one.

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More info moved here to consolidate topic...


  • Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game to help children memorize it in sections. You can also ask up to three questions after they've sorted the verse.  [Lisa M.]
    This software is now FREE to supporting members! Check it out here.
  • Kid Pix 4 (or 3-D) - If your computer lab is on line, have students search for images to represent the various phrases (i.e. "I believe in God the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth" could be represented by an picture of earth from space that can be found at NASA's website). You may want them to brainstorm first so they know what they are looking for!

    Then they can put all of these images (and the phrases represented) into a slide show (recommend Kid Pix) or PowerPoint presentation.  [Pastor Beth]

Video Ideas

  • DVD Peter and Paul
    You will need to get "abstract" to do this. The Apostle's Creed was a document produced to end a dispute in the early church and say "This is what we believe."

    Try looking for videos that show the creation and resolution of disputes, perhaps showing several different clips? Some of the Acts videos will certainly have disputes going on. We have the DVD Peter and Paul (Vision Video) and scenes 16 & 17 are disputes about Greek converts. Again, not the dispute of the Apostle's Creed era, but showing that there have always been conflicts in the church, and the church always tries to resolve them.

    It's not going to help children learn the creed per se, but might help them understand why we say it.  [Lisa M.]
  • Storykeepers Series
    You may want to check out the video series StoryKeepers. (Vision Video) These are about the early church, after Jesus' resurrection, and do not deal directly with the Apostles Creed, but there could be something that would be helpful in teaching children why we say what we believe.  [JanS]

Audio/Visual Ideas

Ideas from several on the topic of creating your own video consolidated into one post.

Create Your Own Video Ideas:

  • Commercial or Public Service Announcement - have the children create their own "creed" after reviewing the Apostles Creed.  The creed is really an advertisement or commercial for what we believe as Christians.  Could the children create a commercial or public service announcement using the basic beliefs of the creed?  [JanS ]
  • Freeze Pictures - Instead of memorizing a script the children could hold up signs and do still actions, or have an off screen voice narrate. [Luanne Payne]

Equipment Suggestions:

  • borrowed video camera. [JanS - posted February 17, 2005]
  • a digial camera will shoot 3 minute videos - use with a tripod.  [Luanne Payne - posted February 17, 2005]
  • If you ask the congregation to borrow (or donate) one of those old, clunky, video cameras - then all you have to do is take the VCR tape out of the camera and plop it into the VCR to show the tape on a tv. Newer style cameras can connect to a tv with wires but you are likely to get someone to give you a camera of the old type. That's how we got ours. [CreativeCarol - posted February 18, 2005]

Tips on making your video:

  • Making a video or two or three is quite possible in 45 minutes. Done it many times.
  • I've found that you really have to have more than one group preparing on the story/skit at hand, because neither of them will get the gist of all of it, or remember it all when the time comes to videotape.
  • They love watching 2 versions of the same skit. Basically, they love seeing themselves on TV and the presence of the camera focuses them 'on task' during their skit.  [Neil MacQueen - posted March 08, 2005]
  • Use FIND to search for "newsroom" (or try "news room"). You will find several lessons here at this site. We have done several. The kids love it.  [CreativeCarol - posted February 18, 2005]

Brief Lesson Outline (by Neil MacQueen):

Where'd I come up with this? Did it with Confirmation classes many years ago.  [Neil MacQueen - posted March 08, 2005]

  1. For the Apostle's Creed, I would split the class into two groups and have each come up with 5 second actions for each of the key images/ideas in the Creed.
  2. A narrator on their team must also come up with a "plain English translation" of "what that line in the Creed means to us."
  3. Discuss and Practice it once with a teacher-assistant working with them and it's off to do it in front of the camera.
  4. Then view it and recap it.

Brief Lesson Outline (by Jan Snell):

I remember doing something with an Apostles Creed lesson that had to do with creating commercials (as in advertisements).  [JanSnell - posted March 22, 2002]

  1. The leader talked about the Creed as a commercial for what we believe as Christians.
  2. The activity involved asking the students, in groups or pairs, to identify their favorite cereal, sports team, beverage, etc. and create a 30 second commercial about that thing.
  3. Then the students are invited to do the same activity only this time they create a commercial about being a Christian.
  4. These could be videotaped or acted out in a "broadcast" sort of format.
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Art Lesson

Here is an art lesson that is part of a lesson set about the 12 Apostles:
Lessons: NT GOSPELS: JESUS' DISCIPLES Call of the Disciples, Call to Individual Disciple 12 Apostles Lesson Set - Bethany UCC, Bethlehem, PA

Lesson Goal: To explore the twelve articles of the Apostles' Creed through participation in an architecture/art project, and to incorporate rubbings into a year-long prayer calendar.

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We did a year that focused on the Apostle's Creed--using different stories to teach about the various parts.

  • 1st Article--focus on how God Continues to care for us:  Wilderness Wanderings; David & Goliath; Esther
  • 2nd Article--Jesus is True God:  Miracles of Jesus
  • 2nd Article--Psalm 23/Good Shepherd
  • 2nd Article--Work of Redemption--Lent thru Eyes of Marys; Resurrection
  • 3rd Article--Holy Christian Church:  Body of Christ
  • 3rd Article--Called me by the Gospel: Call of Disciples
  • 3rd Article--Sanctifies Us--Beatitudes
  • 3rd Article--Gives us Eternal Life:  Parable of Virgins

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