Cross that represents the Way, the truth and the life.

Following on the post of the Game workshop using the symbols of arrow, cross and heart.

I ordered plain unfinished 6"crosses.  Then they modge podge magazine pictures of hearts and arrows, completely covering.  Then with either stickers or wooden letters (depending on your budget) put "I am".  On the back have them write with sharpie "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life".  This is then a visual reminder of the verse with the three symbols represented.

By compounding on the great Games on this thread this is a reinforcement of the meaning of the verse. Plus my kids and parents love when we do an art project that can be a keepsake.

We also teach them the verse using hand motions of the arrow, cross & heart.

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Hi Jane,

Thanks for posting the Art idea.  Do you have a photo you can post?

I believe the Games Workshop Jane's referring to is this by Jan of First Pres Church, Napa CA. It talks about those three objects in the lesson's reflection.


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