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Art Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep

Post your Sunday School ART lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep here.

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Including: the 99 sheep, lost sheep, shepherd, woman, lost coin, rejoice, Matthew 18:12–14, Luke 15:3–7, Luke 15:8–10

Bible lessons and ideas about the Lost Coin, Lost Sheep -with Art, craft, painting, construction, drawing, etc.

Art Project Idea for the Lost Coin/Sheep

from Neil MacQueen 

(This could also be an A-V lesson) 

Make a "scrolling" Television program of the story. 

The ol' "scrolling TV" idea has been around for many years and has many uses. It has been used here at in various forms and forums. However, quite often the lesson only suggests "illustrating" the story on the scroll, whereas, this lesson moves into reflection. 

This lesson also creates a shoebox-viewer that can go home, rather than a big TV box. 

Almost any way you do it, the kids love this lesson idea. 

How - To 

First, collect SHOEBOXES, one for each child.  Cut a square hole in the top of the lid about 4"x4".  This is where the paper scroll illustrations will show through. 

Second,  cut a long strip of butcher paper about 2 feet long and about 4" wide. Students will be illustrating their story on this scroll. The scenes will appear in the 4"x4" shoebox lid window. 

Third, tape an 8" dowel rod to each end of the butcher paper to form a SCROLL. Roll the paper onto the RIGHT dowel.  Use at least 1/2" diameter dowels for easy turning. 

Fourth, cut four small notches in the top four corners of the shoebox to hold the scrolls. When you tape the LID to the shoebox over the top of the box, it will hold the dowel rods in place.  (You could have put holes in the shoebox, but I've found that these notches work better for taking the scroll in and out to work on it.) 

You have now created a scrolling "television" or view finder. 

The reason you have wound the scroll on the RIGHT dowel is so that as you turn the left dowel, it will put the paper from right to left, revealing any TEXT like a TICKER TAPE or "crawl" across your screen below your illustrations.  

Now have your students divide the scroll paper into TEN scene areas by lightly drawing a pencil mark.  Have them create scenes and write captions below each. 

Tell them the have to include the following 5 "lost" scenes: 

A Scared Lost Sheep

A Sheep Being Found by its Shepherd 

A Lost Coin

The Coin being Found by its owner 

A Child who has lost their faith and is doing bad things.

Jesus finding that child and throwing a party in heaven with them. 

A Friend who has lost their friends and sense of purpose. Or is doing bad things.

That friend being found by the Student! ...and being brought to church. 

A picture of your parents or sibling who needs your help.

The student reaching out to them in the name of Jesus. 


What is the name of this "show"?  Give it a title. 

Decorate your shoebox with plastic coins and cotton ball sheep. 

Have ready-made verse quotes printed on strips which can quickly be pasted on the scroll. 

Have each student 'play' their presentation for the class. 

Have each student 'play' their presentation immediately after class to someone in the hallway (sharing the Good News).

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