This topic is for posting your Art workshop lessons and ideas for teaching about Paul's journeys.

Due to the wide-range of stories that make up Paul's journeys, and the people he met in the Book of Acts, the reader may need to ADAPT the following ideas for their particular story focus.

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Lisa M.
posted March 15, 2004

"Paul's Road Stepping Stones"

We are having a GREAT response making cement stepping stones (using gallon ice cream buckets as molds, and placing glass stones in a mosaic pattern) for Paul's road and decorate them using symbols that are appropriate to your story. The original plan came from the Joseph forum, if you want to check out that lesson plan.

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Paul & Silas “Jailhouse Rock”

Art Workshop

Grades K-2

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Making paper chains.

Lesson Objectives: 

The children will learn:

  • The story of Paul and Silas in prison in Philippi
  • That Paul and Silas were missionaries
  • How God took care of Paul and Silas even when they were in prison
  • That God will take care of us, too.
  • That the church still sends missionaries throughout the world.



  • Read the scripture passage and Bible background.
  • Familiarize yourself with the lesson.


  • Building blocks to stack all over the classroom table (we want these to fall down when the “earthquake” occurs)
  • Hundreds of 6 inch X 1 inch strips of gray construction paper to make paper chains (they can be added to over the month of November) The children will be wrapping themselves in chains. We need lots!
  • Several staplers to be used for fastening the paper loops to each other for chains
  • Arch Book “Jailhouse Rock”, Concordia Pub. House 
  • Copy of song, “Oh I’ve Got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in My Heart”
  • A globe to find where our missionary is located.

Lesson Plan


Welcome the children and the shepherd as they arrive. SAY: We are continuing with the theme, “Come Join the Circle,” and the characters that are going to join our circle this month are: Paul, Silas, and a Jailer and his family. Let’s begin with a word of prayer.
Dear God, we ask that you be with us today as we learn about two missionaries, Paul and Silas, and how they witnessed to you when they were in jail. Help us to know that you are always with us no matter where we are. And all God’s children say, AMEN


Read the story:
“Jail House Rock” Arch Book by Glynis Belec 
You can also read the letter to parents at the back of the book, as it is a good summary of what the children should remember from the story. (Just don’t read the “Dear Parents” part at the top.)

Activity: Making Paper Chains
Tell the children that we are going to make lots of paper chains and “tie” ourselves up with them so we need to keep working so that we will have enough to make sure that we are really chained together. We will also carefully stack lots of blocks up to “represent” the jail walls. When it is time for the earthquake to occur, the walls will come tumbling down and the chains will rip apart so that we are free! But will we run off? Oh, no, we have been listening to Paul and Silas praying and singing, and telling the wonderful message of God’s love, so we stay.

Begin making paper chains. While you are working have the children sing the song, “Oh, I’ve Got Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in My Heart”. Sing it at least once. All verses are much the same. When each child has made a long chain, attach all the chains together and wrap all around the students as they are sitting around the table. (They could sing the song once more, much as Paul and Silas sang while they were in chains.) To have the earthquake begin, they can shake the table just a little, and then more, being careful NOT to turn the table over. The blocks should fall down and then they can struggle and release themselves from their chains, ripping and pulling. (I imagine that it will depend on how many students you have and chains that you make just how you will wrap the students up. Whether it’s just around the wrists or all around the body, and each other, etc. Those chains that aren’t ripped could be reattached and strung around the room for next week’s class to enjoy as they walk in the room.)

Ask the children what they think caused the earthquake.
  • Why didn’t the prisoners escape?
  • How did that make the jailer feel?
  • Did that cause the jailer to want to know more about this Jesus that Paul and Silas were talking about?
The church still sends people out to tell about Jesus. Ask if they know the name of the missionary that our church sponsors. Find it on a map or globe. 

  • Ask them where THEY are "sent" to share God's love.
  • Where can they change the world?
  • How can they change their friends and help others?  
  • How can they bring their friends to church?


Journal Activity: Have the children draw a picture that would illustrate something in the story – a jail with bars in the windows, chains, Paul and Silas in chains, etc. Also, the room may need to be restored to order after the “earthquake.” The children should help. They could help reattach the chains and decorate the room, too, if there is time.

Closing Prayer:
Dear God, help us to remember that you are always with us, even when we are in a place like a jail. Help us to be able to tell our friends about Jesus like Paul and Silas did. They were very brave. And all God’s children say, AMEN.

“Jail House Rock” by Glynis Belec, Arch Books, Concordia Publishing House, 1999. 
ISBN 0-570-07563-7

Lesson prepared by Kathy  from: Augustana,
St. James, MN

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Acts 27, 28: A Snake Bites Paul on Malta - Rock & Roll Snakes

I have had the children make "Rock 'n Roll Snakes" to help them remember the Acts 27 story of Paul's shipwreck, and Acts 28's continuation of that story where Paul is bitten by a snake on Malta and the people's reaction to him there. 

What's a "rock 'n roll snake"? It involves painting with marbles!

Each child will get a narrow, but long piece of white poster board.  The children will then draw a snake on the poster board using an elongated "S."  Using Sharpies, direct the children to make scales on the snake using a series of circles, triangles and squiggle lines.  After the scales have been drawn on the snakes, put the snakes into a narrow cardboard box (soda boxes work well) and add marbles that have been dipped into paint.  The children will simulate the ocean's storm as they roll the box with the marbles over the snakes.  Review the story of Paul on his ocean voyage to Malta.

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