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...Lesson Post in Progress... 

We're doing this lesson Sept 28, 2014 and will post the results. 

Kids will create a "Fruits of the Spirit" hallway memory display using various types of paper. In particular, the trunk and branches stick out from the wall in 3d effect, and look like a young person reaching up to the sky. The display will be mounted on a large piece of cardboad. 

MISC Pictures for reference... 

fruit-tree trunk

 Picture showing brown trunk in 3d.

 fruit tree

Picture showing fruit hanging in branches. 


 Picture showing a child's face/body as the tree. 

Lesson Plan:

 This is our third and last week of the "fruits" rotation (wish we had one more week but our schedule didn't permit it. We'll reinforce the fruits during mid and season-end gameshows). 

Due to the scope and size of this group art project, we'll need to focus MOST of our Art Workshop time on construction. 

Opening Bible Study...a reading of Galatians 5:22-23 

Then, a reminder of the drawing we began the rotation with:  a tree with the fruits and all around it are things that help us and the fruits grow.  (The kids decided on these!) 

Rain & Sun = God's presence/Spirit

Water = Reminder of our Baptism, be his children

Soil = nourish our fruit tree with word and worship

Farmer = parents and teacher and pastor who help us grow and prune us.

Insecticide = forgiveness and prayer 

Then, do the Fruit Tree Construction Project 

Split up into teams: 

  1. Trunk Team
  2. Fruits Tree
  3. Branches and Green Team

Have each team work separately on their pieces, then come back together to assemble. their pieces into a Fruits of the Spirit Tree. 

You will be assembling all the pieces on a large piece of cardboard -4 feet by 4 feet. 

To assemble the pieces on the cardboard use a combination of TAPE behind the paper and fruits, and "brass brads" to hold the crumply brown trunk to the cardboard.  (Glue will not dry in time and will be too messy.)  

When done, use two finishing nails to tack the cardboard to a wall in the hallway. 


Have each person stand in front of the tree, read the fruits out loud, then close their eyes and recite them from memory. Finally, have them sign their artist's name to the bottom of the creation.  Alternately, you can have them cut out a piece of fruit, write their name on it and hang it on the tree.


Images (3)
  • fruit-tree trunk
  • fruit tree
  • fruittree-person
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Here is a photo of a bulletin board, offered by the Church of Grace, in Shellsburg Iowa.

Fruit of the Spirit Cross Tree

Galatian 5:22-23 love. We are using this verse for Love and studying the Fruit of the Spirit. If you look at the tree you will see a cross beside it. We talked about each of the fruit, plus how each one goes together.


Images (1)
  • Fruit of the Spirit Cross Tree

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