A Brief History of Rotation.org

In 1997, the Rotation.org website was created by Neil MacQueen to share his church's original Rotation manual, seminar articles, and lesson plans.

From 1998-2000, Neil and a group of Rotation friends managed and expanded the site with more lessons, paying for it out of their own pockets and the occasional donation. 

In 2001, a message board was added --allowing others to post lesson ideas and discuss topics with each other. It was a first for Christian education, and set the course for what we were to become.

In 2001, a large donation from a Rotation church allowed us to hire part-time coordinators, Phyllis and Ken Wezeman. In addition to helping people with the site, they began shepherding a group of volunteer writers known as "the Writing Team." 

In 2005, our first official volunteer Board of Directors was formed and took over management and decision making at the site. 

In 2008, Rotation.org was incorporated as a non-profit. Ownership of the site was officially transferred from Neil to Rotation.org Inc. Later that year, Neil stepped into an advisory role to make room for new leaders.

In 2010, in order to help fund and expand the site, the Board started offering annual memberships through its Supporting Member program

In 2012, Rotation.org began a major review and renovation of content. Later that year we also moved everything on our site to a new "platform" (the software behind our site).  

Acutely aware of our growing technical and editing needs, in the fall of 2012, the Board hired Neil as it's part-time webmaster and renovation editor. From 2012-2014, Neil worked with a group of volunteers and Board members to "read, weed, and feed" our public lesson forums.

In 2013, Rotation.org was accepted into Google Adwords' grant program, which gives non-profits $10,000 a month worth of free search engine advertising on Google. 

Early in 2015, the Board voted to renovate ten years worth of Writing Team lessons. In May of that year, the Board expanded Neil's hours to include WT renovation lead writer.

In late 2015 and early 2016, our site's software platform once again underwent a major layout and feature transformation in order to make our site 100% compatible and "responsive" on all types of computers and screen sizes. 

In early 2017, the Board began laying the groundwork for future content additions, a new approach to the volunteer Writing Team, the creation of training videos, and expanded awareness of our site through social media.

Rotation.org exists because of the contributions of many talented writers, Board members, and supporting members. It is a gift to the "now," and to future teachers and pastors who will find us.

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Board2017.600bThe 2017 Rotation.org Board of Directors

Our Vision

  • To teach others about the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday School.
  • To offer a "lampstand" for creative teachers and lesson writers so that others may see and enjoy their gifts.
  • To be a place where Rotation educators can support one another and ask questions.
  • To be an innovative and open online resource for all Sunday Schools, Rotation or otherwise.
  • To demonstrate to the denominations a new and exciting way not only to do Sunday School, but a way to create and share creative content online across the grassroots and denominational lines.


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