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YES!  at-home lessons can be creative, fun, and simple; the lessons below prove that.

A lot of what's being offered out there is either too boring or too young. And as in-church classes resume, we know many of you are experiencing smaller numbers, more broadly-graded classes that are being taught by new volunteers -- and thus need creative lessons that are a little simpler and shorter with a wider age-range.

That's why's leaders and Writing Team have been writing NEW lessons and adapting existing ones for BOTH "at home" and in-class use. Some of these lessons are open to Supporting Members-only because they make this site possible.

But a number of the following extra-special lessons ARE OPEN to the public

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Available "At-Home" Sunday School Lessons

Some links for everyone. Many are for Supporting Members only.

From our Writing Team...

Five creative lessons about
The Ten Commandments

...specifically written for BOTH at-home and in-class use,

Everyone can read the Lesson Summaries and open the Cooking Workshop's heart-candy lesson.

Supporting Members can save and share the PDFs with members of their congregation.

Advent and Christmas lessons for families: Jesus Is Born!

Jesus-is-Born-SpecialThese At-Home lessons will provide an opportunity for families to have meaningful devotion times in December. The lessons' creative and meaningful activities are adapted from the Writing Team's Jesus Is Born! lesson set.

This lesson set is open to everyone

Lessons in this set include ornament making, cooking, a songwriting workshop (and your own "Advent Idol" television show), and a computer game!

This set is our Christmas gift to you, and is free for all registered (free) and supporting members.

The Lord's Prayer -- a prayer for just such a time as this

Five creative at-home lessons for leaders and families to choose from.

Supporting Members Only

Prayer is an important spiritual practice. It is also a God-given way to:

  • relieve the stress of these days
  • increase empathy
  • improve "togetherness"
  • and live in hope instead of fear.

These "family friendly" @home lessons are based on the Writing Team's original lesson set on The Lord's Prayer. The original set and this @home version emphasize the meaning of the Lord's Prayer AND the PURPOSE AND PRACTICE of prayer.

Proverbs ~ Make Wise Decisions that Honor God, Be Kind

Five short "kid & family friendly" video clips about the message of Proverbs and "Making Wise Choices."

The first PDF is open to everyone.

PDFs 2 through 5 are for Supporting Members.


We created 5 short PDF "family friendly" lessons that your families open on their computer, tablet, or smart TV to view the videos embedded in the PDFs and discuss them together using the questions in the PDF. In addition to the video link, each PDF has several family-friendly discussion questions, a prayer, and a fun follow-up activity.

Here are the five PDF lessons to share:kingbeard

Supporting Members can view and save all of them here!

1. An Introduction to Proverbs: "Choosing God's Wisdom"
    (Open to everyone. Get the PDF here.)

2. How to Be a Wise Kid & The Importance of Kindness

3. Life's Big Choices: "If it honors God then it's a wise choice"

4. How God's Wisdom Walks Beside Us and Can Steer Us from Danger

5. How each of the animals described in Proverbs 30 teach us what is wise!

Not a Supporting Member yet? Join today!

Three Timely & Fun Software Lessons about Forgiveness, caring for the Poor, welcoming the "Outsiders," and being a Prophet of Hope in difficult times

  • Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath ~ God cares about the poor and the outsider
  • Elijah Needs Help to Change Things! ~ God sends young Elisha
  • Jonah learns that God is about forgiveness and repentance, not vengeance.

These three lessons are found in the FREE Elijah and Jonah computer software now available to our Supporting Members.

As a guide for @Home use, we wrote An Introduction to the Prophets Elijah and Jonah for Parents and Teachers. This document was prepared for those planing on teaching with E&J software during 2020's time of challenges and change, but it is a great intro for all times.  Everyone can print the guide. Supporting Members can get the software for free!

The Jonah software includes a fun game about "where" you can be a prophet today:

Watching and Discussing the SON OF GOD movie @Home

We've written an "at home" guide for families viewing this terrific movie about Jesus. The at-home guide is a companion piece to our full detailed outline to the Son of God movie. The outline suggests viewing the movie in two or three sessions.

The Son of God Viewing Guide and Outline are open to our Supporting Members.

Supporting Members can download the At-Home Viewing Guide to Son of God and share it with their church families. In addition to suggesting two ways to view the movie at home (over two or three sessions) the at-home guide also provides information about where to find the movie and viewing and teaching tips for parents or leaders.

The movie can be rented and streamed over various online movie services. It is sometimes also found for free on cable.

The At-Home guide also includes age range suggestions and notes about several scenes in the movie where you may want to FF through them with younger viewers.

The At-Home View Guide to Son of God is a companion piece to the FULL OUTLINE to the movie recently updated in our Supporting Member Bible Video Resources. The full outline details all 36 "chapters" or "scenes" in the movie, who's who, what's happening, and suggested questions.

Three Good Christian Music Videos with Questions for Older Children, Youth and Families

Older kids are a tougher audience for at-home lessons. That's why we've created a set of lesson plans that use two favorite types of media for youth:  Music videos and YouTube!

The music videos and brief lessons are particularly geared to the times we are experiencing and include follow-up questions about God's presence in these days.

Open to everyone

The three songs we've chosen are some of the most popular (and good) Christian contemporary songs today.


The Book of Esther: Doing the Right Thing

Making some noise against our "Haman" Problems!

In addition to enjoying a dramatic story featuring a super young woman, families will be encouraged to identify things that need to be changed or confronted in the world and within themselves -- and ask God for courage and help.

They will explore the famous verse and call to action: “Who knows? Perhaps you have come to royal dignity for just such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14b)

Lesson 1 is open to everyone.
Lessons 2 through 4 are for Supporting Members.

We have adapted some of the lessons from our Writing Team's Purim: The Story of Esther lesson set. Each of these lessons presents the story with different media and a slightly different emphasis. Activities included:

  1. A Video clip and a "grogger" (noise maker) making project (Open to all)
  2. A Video clip and "hands-on" reflection activity about meeting today's challenges
  3. A Hamentaschen cookie project
  4. Challah bread to share with your neighbors
  5. An interactive retelling of the Story of Esther in a FREE computer game

Jesus Walks on Water: Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves!


It is an overwhelming time in our world right now, and we and our families may be experiencing some—or many—doubts and fears. We sink. That’s what we do. Jesus saves. That’s what He does. Explore this saving grace in the at-home adaptations of five lessons from the Writing Team's lesson set on Jesus walking on water.

Lessons in this At Home set include:

  • Making and coloring a “3D” picture of Christ’s hand reaching out to save Peter.
  • Filling a "boat" container with heavy cream, and then creating butter by shaking, rattling and rolling your boat through a variety of story-related situations.
  • Watching and discussing a short video clip about the story.
  • Gathering around "The Sea of Galilee" (a bathtub or wading pool) to re-tell the story with an extra focus on the meaning of the waves and boat in the story.
  • Playing a memory matching game with pictures from the story and then coming up with a “Jesus version” of Psalm 46, complete with some of your own fill-in-the-blanks.


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How's @Home Lesson Plans are Different

At-Home-Wormy-House shorter


 wider age-range

 include easy-to-do at-home activities

 have Bible Stories and passages that speak to today's issues and stresses.

 many feature video clips families can easily access at home

 many come as PDFs so that families can view them together on their computer or TV

 all are written and edited by members of our Writing Team

 each includes the creativity and theological integrity you've come to expect from



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Below are several "free" @Home lessons available to everyone. MOST of our @Home lessons are only available to our wonderful Supporting Members who help make this site possible. Become a Supporting Member and get access to HUNDREDS of creative lessons from our Writing Team for just $45 a year—including our collection of lessons for home use. 

Check out these @HOME lessons available to EVERYONE...

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Why are some of our lessons "Supporting Member only" ?

Because Supporting Memberships are how we pay for our amazing forum software, vast storage, special resource development, and professional support. The vast majority of our content is still open to the public. Join today

What makes these @Home lessons different than "normal" lessons?

 The language, activities, and life application in our @Home lessons are geared for families instead of volunteer teachers. Simpler, shorter, and family-life relevant.

 The PDF format of many of these lessons make them easy to share and view on all types of computing devices and smart TVs. Those open to "everyone" can be shared by sending families a link or by printing the resource.

 If you want to edit the PDFs to add your spin, you can convert them to an editable Word doc by using a conversion utility like


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