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Baby Jesus Rocks


A parent shared the idea from a small village in Europe.  Someone painted baby Jesus on smooth stones and placed them around town where people will find them: on a park bench, a counter, an ATM...on the back is a verse about the birth of Jesus.  Our youth group paints the rocks.  The rocks are later taken by families who attend our Hanging of the Greens advent service.  Families then scatter them into our community and leave rocks around for others to find...and it's all done with no names left except the scripture verse on the bottom.  You could leave a card about your church.  It seems every age group is loving this project more each year. We buy a bag of landscape rocks from a stone supplier.  They are Mexican beach pebbles. Here's the story link from Europe.   Blessings, Heidi


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We loved this project, too! 

  1. First, we wash the rocks and let them dry. 
  2. Paint a white oval and let dry. 
  3. Use a fingerprint, q -tip or small paintbrush to paint the flesh tone face and let dry.  Using a sharpie, outline with black. 
  4. We write a scripture about the birth of the Christ child with a sharpie such as Luke 2:9-12, or Matthew 1:21, or Isaiah 7:14.  Any of those kind of verses, we mix it up. Then whoever finds it will hopefully look it up and read the verse!  (These can be written on tissue as well and glued to the back aka decoupaged.)

The 6th grade Confirmation class helped paint the white circles.  The youth group painted the faces and outlines baby Jesus then writes a scripture on the back.   This would be a great job for senior citizens to do also!  

The rocks are given out to the congregation at the conclusion of the Hanging of the Greens worship service on the first Sunday in Advent in the evening.  Their directions are to go spread the Baby Jesus rocks around town for others to discover!  People of the congregation go about town and hide them. 

Lots of unique and funny stories about deciding where to hide the rocks and perhaps getting caught leaving it!  Plus, they seem to be hidden all over the church campus, too which makes me smile!   Plus, usually, there are a few at the bottom of my purse!  lol Blessings, Heidi

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Great tips for painting rocks, best types of rocks, paints, brushes, paint pens sealing, etc.


Who knew you could buy bags of "Caribbean Beach Stones" on Amazon! 

FYI: Supporting Members can see the Writing Team's "Rocks Will Sing" Palm Sunday Story Stones Workshop which uses decorated rocks in a lesson to tell the story.



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