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Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for building the Wise and Foolish house

Post your Sunday School lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for building the Wise and Foolish house here.

  • Please include a scripture reference, supply lists, sources, suggested age range. age modification, etc.
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Including: House built on rock, Matthew 7:24-27.

Bible lessons and ideas about building the wise and foolish house -with Construction, Building, LEGOS, Blocks, Table-top Drama, Banner, etc.

Wise and Foolish Build Pool

contributed by Neil

A baby pool with sand and gravel, rocks, and water. Students build a "house" out of legos or wood and test on different foundations. Either make waves with hands to beat again the sand and gravel or pour water over foundation to make it shift.  

The house has to have significant weight in order for it to shift.

You want the students to modify the sand/water/rock/house experiment until it best demonstrates the principle Jesus was describing. And of course, the students will love working at it!  When they get all the elements just right, have them read the story while you videotape the demonstration in progress.  

Jenga Wood Block Tower Demonstration of what the foundation is.

contributed by Neil

Jenga is the wood block tower game where players remove one wooden block at a time until the tower falls. In this version of Jenga, you can use LARGE blocks cut from 2x4s.  The reason why you want them larger is two fold:  1) So you can WRITE on the blocks what they represent.

2) It falls more spectacularly

Ideas for what the large Jenga blocks represent at the base of your tower:

  • Unselfish behavior, serving others
  • Integrity
  • Keeping Your Promise to God
  • Knowing Scripture
  • Loving attitude towards all
  • Praying for Guidance
  • Worship God and honoring him

The older kids can help you label these.

You can debate how fundamental each is to "holding up the tower"

You can also discuss what happens when we fail?  ...because we do.

Imagery Note: The word "salvation" is synonymous with "salvage" which evokes an image of a "crane" lifting building blocks and putting them back into place.  Quite appropriate for your tower!

In another lesson concept, these could be expanded to represent each of the Ten Commandments.

  • What are things that try to rock our foundation in the Lord?
  • How do we strengthen a building?
  • How does a building grow weak over time?
  • What happens when we fall down?
  • How do other people contribute to our building a strong foundation?
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Original Post

Here is what we did: 


A set of wooden building blocks were divided equally into two groups. 


1.  Blocks with "regular" shapes of rectangles and squares.  They were labelled (with masking tape) with words like "wisdom, patience, kindness, love, joy, self-control, forgiving, honest, prayer, worship God, etc.".  


2.  Blocks with "irregular" shapes like cones, cylinders, triangles, arches, rounded and sloping shapes which can be difficult to build with.  They were labelled with words like "foolish, selfish, hatred, envy, loves money, likes to fight, faithless, prejudice, worship idols, etc.".


All blocks were placed in a box and the children pulled them out one by one and decided if they described "wise" or "foolish" behavior and placed them on two separate tables.  The children split into two groups of builders, one wise and one foolish. Each group built a single house with their blocks on the separate tables.  They were instructed to make their house as strong as possible.


After the children admired both houses, the leader pounded with fists on the table of the foolish builders' house, to imitate an earthquake.  The "foolish" house made of the fancy-shaped blocks fell over quickly (much to the delight of all the builders).  The "wise" house was next.  The fist-pounding did not knock over the well-built "wise" house.


Discussion followed.

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