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Painting Ceiling Tiles

Posted by Judi Leaming on October 14, 2003

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions regarding painting on ceiling tiles? Thanks!

Posted by Nance on October 14, 2003

i believe you would need to seal the tile to ensure adhesion. Check with your local paint store. I know there is a product here in Canada called Fresh Start that would probably work.
Are you trying to do this as an art experience with the children or are you just redecorating?
Folk art paints would probably work fine. I have painted on lots of different surfaces using them. I have repainted ceiling tiles but only white because they were stain with cigarette smoke. I used a fully roller and the paint recommended at the hardware store.

Posted by Judi Leaming on October 14, 2003

I had planned to try this as an art experience during our Creation unit, allowing each child to paint their own feelings about one of the days of Creation. Since we are just starting Rotation and moving into a newly spruced up "art" room, I thought that having their own part (the individual ceiling tiles) in helping to decorate the room would give them more ownership of it. Hopefully they can return in years to come and show others their 2003 art work.

Posted by Nance on October 26, 2003

I just started a new contract in a child care center that painted some of the ceiling tiles. They did a few with foot prints and some with hand prints. They just used regular liquid poster paint from the pre-school classroom.
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At least 10 years ago, we painted ceiling tiles using acrylic paint. They are still as bright and colorful as they were originally. We used no preparation on the tiles. We took them down, used an overhead projector to trace the pattern, painted and then outlined details with a sharpie marker. We still love them today. I even have some in my office and our youth ministry painted scripture on the tiles in the Youth Hall.

Floor Treatment (Water & Beach Ideas)

Dale & Dee Dye

Imagine coming into the room with the sea on your left and the beach and mountians to your right (Wall murals). To the left jutting out of the wall is a large 3D ship (1/2 Wall high) which houses the computers and a gang plank for entering the ship.

Here is our problem: our coordinator wants to portray on the floor that the ship is sitting in the water and the gang plank reaches from the ship over some water to the beach. How can we portray this short of painting the carpet? We need something that will look good and stand up to kids when they walk on it. Any suggestions? Has anyone done anything similar?

Wendy In Roch

What about some blue tarps like they use to cover boats, motorcycles or cars.


Use double-side carpet tape to hold it to the floor.


Neil wrote:




Nail 2x4's to create a large frame. Lay a canvas cloth inside the frame and pour bags of play sand in it!   We did this for a special "Bible Beach" project and it was a lot of fun... and a lot less messy that everyone expected. The sand is very dry and doesn't get tracked out that much.


When you're done, just drag the sand out the door on the tarp and dump.


We added Xmas trees around the beach, and a picket fence, then decorated with beach toys and decor.

Hanging Fabric from Ceiling

posted April 19, 2004

I saw a picture somewhere, of a room and there was fabric on the celing. I loved the effect, but I dont know how to do it. Can anyone help?

Hilary S.
'WoRM Honor Guard'
posted April 21, 2004

We used thumbtacks to fix fabric into our ceiling. It's a false ceiling -- you know, one of those metal frames with tiles and lights...
If yours is not like this then what about velcro? It might work if the fabric is fairly lightweight.

'Defender of the Worm'
Posted September 13, 2004

Monafilament and binder clips are also a possibility when working with fabric and ceiling. If the fabric is light enough you can actually drape it over drop ceiling supports. You can use a rod suspended from the ceiling with the fabric draped over it. You can use a system of wire supports. For paneled sections, you can cover thin foam that is then more easily attached to the walls. There endless ways to approach fabric, let your mind wander as you walk through a Home Depot store!

Phyllis Wezeman
Exchange Volunteer
"Mythic WoRM Warrior"
posted September 14, 2004

Fire departments in some cities object to the use of fabric on the ceiling. I know of several churches that have had problems when the fire inspector came through. Might want to check before doing something elaborate.

'Defender of the Worm'
posted September 16, 2004

You can purchase flame retardant fabric and there is also a spray that can be purchased and applied. Rose Brand is the name of a company that sells both fabric and spray.

Bible Rugs

We have two rooms with some carpeting problems, so I found these BIBLE RUGS that look pretty cool.

Not cheap, but a quick way to add color, message, and "cover" to a classroom.

Would also be a great way to QUICKLY CONVERT A SHARED SPACE.

Menu of rugs and sizes:


If this link goes dead, google  "Bible Rugs." Some are also available on Amazon.

(They also have other types of classroom rugs, including some with nature themes, and several that look like GAME BOARDs (reading places) rugs. Not cheap but interesting.)

Bible Wall Decals

Large Scripture Verse Decals. https://agreatimpression.com/p...tegory/by-scripture/

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