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The Year of the Child

We will celebrate the year of the child in our church. I am working on a rotation for the winter with this theme. I would like to explore how God has used children of Bible times to proclaim the message. I feel that if we can connect the bibical children to everyday lives of our children,the body of Christ will grow in the spirit. Any suggestions and/or sites would be appreciated.

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Most of the ones I know are healings such as Luke 9:37, and Luke 8:49. Jesus blesses the children in Luke 18:15. And, of course there is the story of Jesus going to the temple when he was a child. Children were not held in very high esteem in biblical times so it is hard to find role model identification types in the Bible. Good luck!

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I have a workshop that I will be presenting in early spring entitled Children of the Bible. If you would like to see it, please send me your snail mail address. It is in a learning center format and lasts all day with a lunch break.
I have been receiving requests for the information on the "Children of the Bible" material I have - which is great. This broad is a wonderful way to share ideas!!!! I just hope that everyone realizes that this is not a true rotation workshop plan but a day-long "event" that is presented on a Saturday with a short lunch break. I am sure that all you "rotators" out there can make adjustments - in fact I would love to see what you come up with!!!

Children of the Bible

Some of the Children for them Old testament include:

Samuel, (Hannah was his mother and decidated him to God to serve in the temple)
David, (and golaith) he was just shepherd boy

New Testament
Mary, the mother of Jesus
John the beloved apostle was possibly only a teenage when he was a disciple

So the lesson are there it just takes jogging the memory a bit to remembber

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Don't forget about King Josiah... in one of Group Publishing's Sunday School Special books (I forget which one), there is a whole lesson on King Josiah that could be adapted into a workshop format.

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Some other children in the Bible:

  • Naaman's slave girl
  • Boy who shared his lunch (Feeding 5000)
  • Moses as a child--and his sister Miriam who watched him in the bullrushes
  • Jairus's daughter
  • Timothy
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Dana, I am planning on our VBS being children of the bible would you please send you information to me at:
Jennifer Bent
Harpeth Presbyterian church
3077 Hillsobor Rd.
Brentwood, TN 37027
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