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Christmas story videos for Ages 9 and up, including adults

Here are four "Christmas story videos" for ages 9 to adult that we at want to highlight for home or church use this Advent season. We recommend you view all these videos FULLSCREEN.

1. Jesus, the Beginning

A dramatic presentation recounting of God's plan to send a Messiah. It begins with Creation, continues with the hope of the prophets, and culminates in Bethlehem. From the same folks who brought us the Jesus Film. 8 minutes. View this presentation in fullscreen at

Download for free by clicking the download link at the bottom of and registering.

2. The Fourth Wiseman (71 minutes)

This wonderful family film has become a Christmas classic. It stars Martin Sheen and Alan Arkin and is based on Van Dyke's "The Other Wiseman" which tells the story of the fourth Wiseman who tried to catch up with the other three but kept being "sidetracked" by helping others.  After having spent the jewels he was bringing to the Messiah he finally meets Jesus for a message we all need to hear again and again.  Ages 9 and up, this is especially good for families with older children and youth. Adults will enjoy it too.

The movie can be rented and viewed online through Amazon or purchased on DVD through a variety of sources. Search for: The Fourth Wiseman Martin Sheen

Update: Vision Video has posted the ENTIRE MOVIE in low-res format on YouTube. This is good for previewing but you're probably still going to want to buy the video.

3. The New Superbook's "The First Christmas"

A 22 minute animated retelling of the Christmas story for kids and younger teens. Click the icon on the video toolbar to view the video fullscreen. (It was originally posted by the publisher on YouTube so please excuse their ads.)

4. The Christ Child

Click here to view this beautiful 18-minute film fullscreen on YouTube. The film is also available as a free download in HD.

This is a moving and visually beautiful film portraying the journey to and events in Bethlehem surrounding Christ's birth. In addition to terrific scenery, warm acting, and biblically accurate sets and costumes, the film's building soundtrack is interrupted only infrequently by dialog -- and that dialog is in Aramaic! Though it was originally produced by the LDS church, the film is ecumenical. Enjoy!

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