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We need new chairs in our classroom. Stack-able, kindergarten/preschool sized chairs that are sturdy (and reasonably priced). Does anyone have a style/brand/make/model that you recommend? Is there a vendor that you recommend?

Also, any that you suggest we avoid? the plastic seats on the chairs we currently have are splitting - and pinching little behinds!  


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My former church bought new classroom chairs about 10 years ago from this site. The DCE there reports:

We are still happy with the chairs and have the lower ones as well as the teacher-height ones.  A few have had stress cracks, but were replaced immediately and free of charge.  There is a lifetime guarantee.
The wooden chairs are easy to stack and are also easy to keep clean.  We are glad we opted for wooden chairs and not plastic.  Children can still tip back in them (even though the designers boast that they can't), but they are more difficult to tip over.


I haven't done a price comparison, but I'm sure these are not inexpensive. Nevertheless, even older elementary kids are comfortable in them -- and they can bear adult weight as well. New classroom furniture is a real treat. I hope you find what you seek.


Amy, now has a Furnishings Department (although products are not yet on the website, see link below). We sell many chairs at great pricing.  The companies all have signed our Social Principles Contract, so you know they are made with good business practices.  And we are a non-profit Christian company your money goes back into our ministry.  We also have a 12 month payment plan option at no charge. 1-800-237-7511

Virtual Bookshelf of our product lines.

Hope we can help.

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