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Hello all - Would love suggestions as to a clever name for a new Bible Skills & Games classroom.  Our other workshop names are Thou Art and St. Alban's Playhouse. We're transforming our former video/movie theatre classroom (Show Me Cinema) to skills & games; although innovative when we first incorporated the WoRM in 2001, advancements in technology and parents' views toward limiting their kids' screen time means that it's time for a change. I'd love to hear other church's creative names. Thank you!

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Hey Deborah

Does your church have a unique theme/location/history that you could play off of? Are you going with a particular biblical theme or decor theme (like Forest or Beach?). Feel free to post clues and I'll be happy to brainstorm with you (as will others).

There's a forum topic where we've been collecting names. It's at  It's a bit buried, sorry.

That's interesting about the "Cinema." I wonder if parents really follow through about "screen time"?  Does that include the parents putting away their cellphones? hahaha 

The original impetus for what you called "Cinema" and what is now commonly called "The Video Workshop" was a room where audio-visuals could not only be viewed but also created.  I always like that latter emphasis, though I like showing good videos too. Here's a good discussion about the "AV" workshop here:

Over the past three years, our Writing Team has been REVISING WHAT'S POSSIBLE with regard to A-V, Music, and Drama.  Our recent "Singing in the Shower" Drama-Music-A-V lesson in the Jesus Feeds the 5000 lesson set is a great example of that.  Our soon to release "Shepherds and Angels" Advent lesson set has a similar "mash up" between drama and music in the guise of a TV Show. 

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Hi, @Debbie Fisher!

That is wonderful that you are being so responsive to the needs of your children and their parents. I think everyone will have great fun with Bible Skills and Games, whatever you call it!

There is a whole forum with suggestions here in the Workshop Rotation Model design area. 

Do you have an overall theme for your Sunday school that you can tie into? If not, some more general names from the list that I like are "A Maze of Grace" and "Go Fish!"  There are lots more suggestions at the link above. And decorating ideas here in case you haven't seen it yet (and it may inspire more name ideas).  

Bible Skills & Games Workshop Names

This list was compiled from our Creative Names for Sunday School and Workshops forum and placed in alphabetical order. If you have something new to add to the list, please post below.

  • Abundant Life Arcade
  • Academy (= Bible research & study – map decor)
  • Activity Alley
  • Adventure Alley
  • Adventure Oasis
  • Adventureland
  • Agape Arcade
  • All-a-BOARD (train theme)
  • A Maze of Grace (= geography/social studies/mission)
  • Antioch Arcade
  • Apostle's Attic
  • Apostles' Playhouse
  • Arkade
  • Ark-ade
  • Arcade of Faith
  • Astroturf Temple
  • Bible Beach
  • Bible Discovery
  • Bible Skills and Investigames
  • Bible Quest
  • Courtyard Quest
  • Cross Training
  • Dave & Goliath's (instead of Dave & Buster's) and we will paint a D&G on the wall similar to the Dave & Busters logo.)
  • DAMASCUS ROAD (Geography)
  • Daniel's Den
  • DIGGING DUNES (Game / History & Archeology)
  • Disciples' Den
  • Discovery
  • Discovery Den
  • Egypt's Energizing Emporium
  • Faith Depot
  • FAST Track
  • Fields of Fun
  • Fun Dock (fishing theme)
  • Gabriel's Games
  • Galilee Games
  • Game Depot (train theme)
  • Game Junction (train theme)
  • Garden
  • Gethsemane Games
  • Good News Game Room (pictured)
  • God's playroom (game decor attached to the walls with sticky tack stuff, scrabble, yahtzee, chutes and ladders, cards, pictionary, etc.)
  • Goliath GamesGCR7-Museum
  • Gospel Games
  • Grace Land (decorated with a full wall-size Candy Land board game painted on the wall with Bible highlights mixed across the board.)
  • Have-A-Blast Games
  • Imagination Station
  • Inspiration Room
  • J.A.M. (Jesus & Me) Time (games & music)
  • La Playa Playhouse
  • Light Unto My Path Games
  • Loveland Pass
  • Mango Museum
  • Master BibleWorks
  • Memories in Motion (creative movement/games)
  • Museum of Biblical History
  • Noah's Ark-ade or Noah's Arcade
  • Olympic Way
  • Palace of Possibilities
  • Raiders of the Lost Arcade
  • Scrolls & Such
  • Solomon's Arcade
  • Son Seekers Oasis
  • Streams of Knowledge
  • Temple School
  • Temple Time
  • The A-mazing ARKcade
  • The Apostle's Attic
  • The Coliseum
  • The Game Called Life
  • The Game of Life in Christ
  • The Jungle Gym
  • The Lighthouse
  • The Orchard
  • Thou Art and Godly Games
  • Treasure Cove
  • Treehouse
  • Tryphena and Tryphosa's Temple Room
  • Wheel of Verses
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Zacheus' Treehouse


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  • GCR7-Museum
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