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Computer Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for Teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School.

Post your computer lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School.

Ruth, Naomi, Boaz, Moabite, whither thou goest, etc.
Bible lessons about Ruth -with Computer, software, interactive stories, games, etc.
Use the "Post Reply" button below to post your computer lessons for teaching the Story of Ruth in Sunday School. 
All lessons should be formatted for easy readability.
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Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

This is a great memory verse to learn using Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory CD. The Life Application step in this lesson will use Let's Talk CD's "Talk Now" module to have the kids create "Ruth Promises" to people they may be close to.

Both "Cal & Marty" and "Let's Talk" software programs are now free to the supporting members of!

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Scripture Reference:
Ruth 1:1-22 "Whither thou goest I will go."

While I suggest reading chapter 1 in the translation/storybook of your choice, I strongly recommend using your King James Bible to quote Verse 16 (whither thou goest) and use it as the memory verse. Here's why:

1) The KJV version of verse 16 is frequently quoted in the culture and by preachers.

2) The KJV version concise and its slightly peculiar vocabulary sounds different and sonorific to our ears...meaning we're more likely to remember it.

Neil's Notes about this particular lesson and teaching the Story of Ruth:
This lesson teaches the verse into memory and the concept of making Ruth-like promises to other people in our lives. ...And when making these Ruth-like promises to others that we experience the blessings of God.

The Story of Ruth is too long to read in its entirety during one class. And yet, it could be argued that the heart of the book is chapter 1: Ruth's determination to stay with Naomi her mother-in-law. Thus, in this computer workshop lesson we're good just reading RUTH 1: 1-22, which ends with Ruth and Naomi returning to Bethlehem. The rest of the story can then be summarized (rejection, acceptance). Just make sure you teach the REST of the Ruth story in other lessons and workshops! The "Ruth" DVD in the animated video from Nest Entertainment is a good overview and lasts 30 minutes.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Explore the software.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Cal and Marty (Sunday Software)
  • Let's Talk (Sunday Software)


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Ask: If someone asked you to come with them on a difficult journey through the desert along dangerous roads, to go live in a new place where you'd be an outsider would you go? What would you need to know in order to make that decision? If your mom or dad asked you to make that journey with them, would you go without question? What would it take? (a lot of love and trust!) Summarize the story of Ruth, and have the students find it in their Bibles. Note where it falls in the Bible's timeline, and mention that Ruth was King David's grandmother. (BTW: "Who else" was born in Bethlehem? David and Jesus and Jesus' father Joseph!)

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Read Together Ruth 1:1-22 then ask some questions...

(See my "Option" comment below about incorporating a map and Bible software at this step of the lesson to assist the study.)

(Tip: Write out some answers, keywords, as people talk. This will help focus the discussion and give the teacher a point of reference to draw upon).

Ask: What were Ruth's options after the death of her husband? What about Naomi may have inspired Ruth to give her love and allegiance to join Naomi on her difficult journey back to Bethlehem?

Why would Ruth ALSO want to follow Naomi's god? What things might attract someone to another's faith? (their sense of purpose, peace, confidence)

What about YOUR faith might make other's think "how can I be like them? how can I feel as close to God as they do?

Who in your church seems like they are close to God? Have you ever thought about ASKING THEM how they got close to God? (Teacher: be prepared to tell your story. And invited students to "tell their story" of why they believe in God. They may not have a clear answers, but you can at least ASK THEM so that they can begin to think about that important question).

Memorizing and Learning the Verse

Go into Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD and have the kids edit-in verse 16. Letting them create the verse will help their memorization. For younger kids, type it in ahead of time. The verse is short enough that you can help them read the words and let them reassemble.

Have them create a 'study note' for the verse to appear on screen and create 3 quiz questions that will appear during the unscramble game. Have the quiz questions reflect ideas from your questions in the OPENING discussion.

After they have finished editing/creating, now switch computers and have students play the verse game and take the quiz created by various teams on their various computers.

Reflect: Creating "RUTH PROMISES"

Turn on Let's Talk CD and its "Talk Now" Module. The teacher stands at the board and writes down a certain situation which the kids must response to using their Talk Now character who will speak whatever the kids type. The kids will respond in a similar way that RUTH responded to Naomi, but using words appropriate for the new situation. Give the kids 3 minutes to complete each one, then have them play it back for the class. Make comments. (The first one will be difficult until they get the hang of the idea. Be prepared to help them.)

YOUR response to a sibling who you argue with.
I promise to love even if we argue. And when you need me to forgive/support/love/cheer you, I promise to:

YOUR response to a friend who's parents are divorcing
I Promise to.... And when you are feeling ____________I promise to be there by doing this:

YOUR response to a friend who has become very sick
I Promise to.... And when you are feeling ____________I promise to be there by doing this:

YOUR response to your grandmother who has to go into a retirement home
I Promise to.... And when you need ____________I promise to be there to help you:

YOUR response to a friend at school who is struggling to get a passing grade in class
I Promise to.... And whenever you need ____________I promise to help you with:

YOUR response to a friend who's parent has just died.
I Promise to.... And when you need ____________I promise to:

Say: Ruth had just lost her husband. It was her life that had been turned upside down... but she chose to GO with her mother-in-law, ==to give her life and allegiance to Naomi and Naomi's god. She could have focused on HER needs and grief, but instead, chose to go with Naomi. And by putting Naomi's needs first and promising to love Naomi, Ruth came to believe in God, and was blessed with acceptance in her new land.

[Note: The above 'situations' would also make interesting Drama Workshop Skits.]


 Use the Let's Talk CD's "Talk Now" screen to have kids each create a line of prayer "thanking God" for something from the story about Ruth or Naomi. Example: "Dear God, thank you for Naomi's ___________."


If you're short on time, the "reflection" activity could be done as a discussion at the board.

If you have a computer Bible and Bible Atlas program, you could use them to 'illustrate' your Bible reading session. Show a map of Moab and look at the terrain. HolyLand 3D CD (now out of print) allows you to "fly in" across Moab to Bethlehem and see the terrain elevation. Ilumina Bible has pictures and maps. In lieu of those program, look for maps and illustrations of Moab and Ruth online which you can pul into your Bible study.

(In Rotation, I teach the concept of using the MEDIA of each workshop in AS MANY LESSON STEPS as possible in each workshop's lesson plan. In the Game Workshop, for example, I teach using gaming strategies in each step of my lesson plan, instead of just tacking on a game activity "after the Bible study".)

For younger children: Use Play and Learn Children's Bible CD's (OUT OF PRINT) story of Ruth and Naomi. They can use Cal & Marty CD WITH HELP! Just read the words on the screen and help them move the words.

A lesson written by Neil MacQueen from: Sunday Software
Venice, FL
And of course, the disclaimer! "Neil is the creator of the CD's mentioned. The Rotation Board has encouraged him to post his free lesson plans and Neil is happy to do so!" 
My work with CE software grew out of my work developing the Rotation Model. <>< Neil

A representative of reformatted this post to improve readability.

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A "Fall of Jericho" question set for Ruth.

It contains 34 questions about the story of Ruth and is attached to this post - Ruth.txt.

I had placed the scripture reference with each question, so you could give them the option to look up an answer if they were stumped. I also added the scripture verses under References, in case you wanted to remove them from the questions. I did not add any Comments. Fall of Jericho comes with a question editor, so you can edit this file, as you wish, the odd answer I've incorporated our town and pastor.

Be sure to read the Fall of Jericho Guide section on "Transferring Questions Sets to Other Computers" for directions on where this file needs to placed, so the Fall of Jericho program can access it.

"Fall of Jericho" software program is now free to the supporting members of!

Learn more

Some Screenshots

Ruth Fall of Jericho QuizRuth Fall of Jericho Quiz 2Ruth Fall of Jericho Quiz 3


Images (3)
  • Ruth Fall of Jericho Quiz
  • Ruth Fall of Jericho Quiz 2
  • Ruth Fall of Jericho Quiz 3
Files (1)
Fall of Jericho Question Set
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Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Students will learn about the story of Ruth using the Kid’s Interactive Bible Series—Samson/Ruth/Jonah, followed by a fun gleaning game in Ruth (Charlie Church Mouse Early Elementary-out of print) or doing a story review quiz using the Fall of Jericho.

Both the "Sampson-Ruth-Jonah" and "Fall of Jericho" software programs are now free to the supporting members of!

Learn more

Scripture Reference:

Book of Ruth
Memory Verse: Proverbs 3:6 Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths.

Supplies and Preparation:

  • Software
    • Samson/Ruth/Jonah (Kids Interactive Series)
    • Charlie Church Mouse Early Elementary (Out of Print)
      or Fall of Jericho
  • Print
  • Clipboards, in my class I give the worksheet with a pencil to each computer station and they work on filling them in as a team.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Read over the lesson and determine which sections/areas you wish to cover.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself tell them what we will be doing today.

Start with Ruth (Kid's Interactive Series)

Click on Three Bible Heroes - Click on Ruth.

  1. Give everyone (or teams) a copy of the Student Worksheet with a pencil.
  2. Have everyone turn their speakers off.
  3. Select a group to turn on their speaker (ask everyone to be quiet and listen), then have the team (student) with the speaker turned on click on the worm.

    Ruth Interactive Story
  4. For each story page (there are 4 pages) either ask children the questions from the Student Worksheet or have them fill it in, if they are working independently.
  5. Nest ask children to find the SCAVENGER HUNT ITEM.
    Remind them to take turns clicking on things, then hold up a hand when their group has found the scavenger hunt item.
  6. When everyone is finished tell them to all get ready to turn the page, when I say 1, 2, 3 GO - Click on Right Hand to turn to next page.
  7. Do above (#1-5) for each page (there are 4 in total), on the fourth page don’t turn have them click on MAIN MENU instead of hand. If someone clicks on HAND, just have them click on RUTH, then on MAIN MENU.

Click on Hall of Fame

  1. Go into each exhibit, click on pictures and listen. Ask them what they learned.
  2. To exit an exhibit click on eyes at bottom of screen. When done, click on Main Menu. (screen shot below shows what's in each exhibit. A picture appears and a short narration for each.

    Ruth Hall of Fame

Click on Discover the Bible

  1. Click on arrow under pictures until you see The Story of Ruth.

    Ruth Discover the Bible Menu

Teacher Chart: You can use this to note which sections you wish to cover.

Ruth-Discovery The Bible-Section Chart

Ruth 1 -- Who is Ruth Heroes and Villains: Ruth, about making new friends, dealing with changes in your family.

Ruth 2

Ruth 1: 16-18 -- Sticky Situations:  A true friend's loyalty.
Followed by memory verse on breaking promises (Proverbs 13:22)

Ruth 3

Ruth 4

Ruth 2 Travel to Israel Life Then, Now: About Gleaning and caring for the poor.


Ruth 3 Ruth at the Threshing Floor Memory Verse: "Don't be afraid, trust in me." (Mark 5:36)



  • Puzzles (there are two levels to choose from, once you click on a puzzle, click on the hand, one finger simple, two fingers harder)
    • Boaz – Row 1 Column 2
    • Naomi and Elimelek, with one of their sons - Row 1 Column 3
    • Ruth – Row 3 Column 1
  • Memory Verse:  click to remove words, then see if you can remember by clicking on the correct next word.
    • Proverbs 3:6:  Seek his will in all you do and he will direct your paths.

Bible Quiz Show

  • SKIP, covers questions on ALL 3 STORIES: Jonah, Ruth & Samson.

Additional Options:

  • Follow with the Fall of Jericho, review question set I wrote, it is found in the above post.
  • play the Ruth gleaning game found in “Charlie Church Mouse Early Elementary” (Out of Print). For those who may have this software program already below are Tips for playing this game

File Attachments:

  1. Ruth Student Worksheet and Answer Sheet.docx
  2. Ruth Game Tips Charlie Churchmouse Earlly Elementary.docx

Written by Luanne Payne, Hampton United, Hampton, ON, Canada


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