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Here are a few photos from my church's computer lab.

More photos of Sunday School kids learning with computers can be seen in our Computer Workshop Photos topic at It's a mix of older and newer.

I've created Sunday School Computer Workshops (aka "labs") in four different churches I've been part of. In the church featured below, we were given three new PCs by a family in the Florida church when we moved from a rented space to a new church home that had been an office building occupied by a recording studio. This explains the "beachy" theme and the window from the hallway into the classroom In the lab photos below. Kids and parents loved looking on what was happening and it never bothered the students.

The tables are standard long tables covered with heavy vinyl. The vinyl doesn't bunch-up under kids' elbows and the mouse can roll all over it --meaning any kid at the table can run the mouse. We could also write permanent memory verses and messages on it using sharpies.


We put the computer towers side by side to separate the kids a bit at the tables.

Beach theme is fun and really easy to find inexpensive decor for. The wall paint color was called "fresh guacamole" and really brightened up the room. The other half of the room was sky blue and had a beach scene painted on it.


Our sign was a $10 boogie board from WalMart to which I glued cut-out letters.


The maps on the left wall are mounted on foamcore and attached to the wall by velcro so we could pull them off and use them. The right side wall has a big whiteboard which we used all the time.

This pic above doesn't show the other "stuff" we eventually added to the walls: photos of kids, lesson handouts, and printouts of screenshots from various software programs.

The fringe you can barely see at the top is "tiki party fringe" from a party supply store. The rest of the room has more tiki stuff.


This youngster kept showing up early each week to play "Super Kenz in Attack of the Sunday School Zombies"


People forget about the ceiling in their classrooms, yet the right decor can brighten up the room, make it feel cozy, and help with sound reverb. This pic of ceiling sails was sent to me from a church whose name I've lost track of!


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