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Consider the works of your hands right here for the Computer Workshop and Video Workshop!

In addition to the public lesson and ideas posted below, you do not want to miss the Writing Team's exceptional set of lessons on Psalm 8 ~ "When I look at your heavens."  This super creative and detailed set of lessons includes a Memory (Computer) Workshop lesson plan and a Video-Music Workshop lesson plan. Everyone can see the lesson summaries and Bible background. 

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Video Suggestion for Psalm 8

originally posted by Neil

Bruce Almighty has several great scenes between God and Bruce that help illustrate part of what the Psalmist is amazed by:  How God can be "mindful" of all of us.

1) There's the wonderful scene where "Bruce" (Jim Carrey) takes over from God and must try to answer everyone's prayers. He hears them in his head, then decides they need filed and his room fills with filing cabinets, then post-it notes and the room fills with them. Finally Bruce decides to have prayers come through via email, and tries to answer them all. Exhausted, Bruce is totally frustrated.  God (Morgan Freeman) says some profound stuff.

Youtube has an excerpt of the scene:

2) There's also the scene where Bruce learns to pray (00:01 - 01:17):

3)  I love the scene at the end of the movie where God tells Bruce to "be the miracle" and says to Bruce's  "what if I need you?" plea, "that's the problem Bruce, everyone is always looking up."   (lots to consider there)
View it at:

In my group of older kids, we skipped to key points in the DVD version of the movie. Wish I still had the time stamps to post here!

You can't show much of the movie due to some language, but excerpting PARTS where Carey and Freeman are talking will create a lot of discussion in your class.

Additional Idea:  You can print a list of quotes from the movie and ask questions about them.


Bruce: How do you make so many people love you without affecting Free Will?

God: [snorts] Heh, welcome to my world, son. If you come up with an answer to that one, let me know.

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Computer Workshop Lesson Idea for Psalm 8

Originally posted by member Neil MacQueen

Psalm 8 is a natural memory verse which can be approached several ways in the computer lab:

Way 1:  Have the kids type it into Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game (by Sunday Software).  Have them add comments and a 3 question quiz about it in the program.  After doing this, have the kids try each other's Ps 8 memory verse.

Way 2:  Have the kids illustrate key verses and words in Kid Pix 4 or the newer "3D" version (or Paint) software and print them as artwork.  Come up with at least 7 different pics so that you can now play an "arrange the pictures into the right order" that parallels Psalm 8.

Way 3:  Have the kids use the "Lesson Builder" module in Let's Talk to create their own re-worded version of Psalm 8 that the animated character in the program will speak aloud. They can also add spoken quiz questions and discussion questions to their presentation.  Angle:  have them spell out what "works of thy hand" a young person might consider to inspire them to wonder about God.   Mountains? Oceans? Babies? Prompt the kids to think about more than just "moon and stars."

Way 4:  Using Let's Talk CD, challenge the kids to play the "keyword reducing game" I've described in detail elsewhere in this site. I call it "How Few Can You Do?"   The kids are given the printed scripture, then working together they circle all the keywords and type them one after the other into the Let's Talk "Talk Now" module for their character to say aloud.  The kids are allowed 15 keywords, then must remove half and replay for the class, then must remove half again.  The idea is to get them thinking of the KEY WORD CONCEPTS in the psalm and never forget them!   Encourage debate about which keywords you might not want to eliminate.

TIP:  In the computer workshop for Psalm 8 and similar passages, I will use at least TWO of the above techniques during my lesson plan.  So for example, I'd start the kids in Cal and Marty CD and finish in Let's Talk CD for the reflection.

"Cal & Marty" and Let's Talk" software programs are now free to the supporting members of!

Learn more



Standard Disclaimer: My company created these CDs. Your alternative computer ideas welcome!

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