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Computer Lessons and Ideas for teaching the Story of Adam and Eve - Genesis 2 - in Sunday School

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I absolutely LOVE the Adam and Eve story ...mostly because I "get" its sense of humor and inherent grace. Too bad that the Bible Thumpers and theologians have turned this story into "merely" a dark story about sin and punishment. I think it's a wonderful story about God's forbearance and compassion.

  1. Ever notice that when God comes calling to Adam and Eve on the evening breeze, he SURELY already knows what they've done and where they are hiding?

  2. Ever notice that God goes WITH Adam and Eve into the world?

  3. And just before they go, he makes them clothes to cover their shame. Word!

  4. The biggest non-secret in this story is that human beings will sin and try to cover it up. Thus, all eyes should be on GOD in this story... what does God do about sin?

Where some see God punished Adam and Eve by throwing them out of the Garden, I read God "making them clothing" as the scripture says. God works to reduce their embarrassment. Then I see God GOING WITH THEM beyond the Garden to be their God through toil and pain.

And IN the Garden, I don't focus on the WARNING about the fruit. God knew they'd do it. Rather, I focus on the God who comes strolling along MUCH AFTER the snake story, "in the evening breeze" says the scripture, calling out to Adam and Eve to come out, if God doesn't already know where they are and what's happened.

He's calling his children to confess, and they cast blame. What parent's heart doesn't pound with understanding and compassion when they've caught their children in sin, and watch them wrestle with trying to be honest.

Adam and Eve's story is Good News.


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Software Suggestions for Teaching Adam & Eve

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This is what we want our children to do: stand up and be honest when we make mistakes.
That's is what God wants too.
When we do that, we don't need to go "back" to the garden.
The world becomes our new Eden.

....or what Paul called a New Creation.

...or what Jesus taught us to pray saying, "on earth as it is in heaven."

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