Computer lessons and ideas for teaching the Jacob stories, including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's Ladder, in Sunday School

Post your Sunday School computer lessons and ideas for the Jacob stories, including Jacob and Esau, and Jacob's ladder here. 

Jacob and Esau, Genesis 25, Genesis 27, Genesis 28, Isaac blesses Jacob, Jacob's Dream, Stairway to Heaven, Jacob and Laban, Leah, Rachel, Jacob Wrestles, Bible Sunday School lessons and ideas about Jacob and Esau -with Computer, software, interactive stories, games, etc. You are welcome to post your Sunday School lesson plan for the Jacob stories. Click "reply" at the end of this thread.

Take me to the lessonsIt includes a terrific Jacob and Esau lesson that uses software.

Originally posted by Neil MacQueen

Software Suggestions for Teaching Jacob & Esau 

Awesome Bible Stories CD's Jacob and Esau story (from Sunday Sofware)
Fun retelling with lots of background notes from their Birth, to the Deception, to Rachel, Lean and Laban, and back to Esau. The CD also includes "The Midnight Wrestling Game" between God and Jacob which is really a QUIZ disguised as a fun game. Print the Student Handout and you have actually printed a Lesson Plan which the teacher can follow and look like a genius with. 

Neil also created a 4 to 7 week Rotation-style curriculum about "The First First Family"
It covers the story of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob and Esau. It includes two computer workshop lesson plans, but also VIDEO and ART workshops. You're welcome to it. Here's the link to that free lesson set. 

Jacob and Esau Computer Reflection Activity

Awesome Bible Stories CD has an APOLOGY Activity called "Gabby Talker" customized for Jake's story where your kids create apologies for various situations. What could Jacob have said to God? What could you say to a friend? This activity speaks out loud over the computer for all to hear and discussion.  So there you have it, rotation fans. A software presentation that has Open, Dig and Reflect built right into it. Even Esau could teach with this stuff.

Other Software with Jacob Content: 

An INTERESTING ACTIVITY you can do with Kid Pix CD

  • What's Esau's story? Why did he give up his inheritance?
  • Why did he forgive his brother? How did they get along afterward?

Write it up and illustrate it in Kid Pix CD... the program I call "powerpoint for kids."

Other ideas...

Jacob and Esau is a BIG story. Turn it into a QUIZ using quiz making/playing software like Fall of Jericho CD or Bible Grand Slam CD. 

Commentary on Jacob and Esau from Neil MacQueen:

I have several favorite stories in scripture, and Jacob's stories are among them. (Adam, Eve, Elijah, Elisha are some others)

How does a SCOUNDREL like Jacob get blessed by God? On behalf of all scoundrels, I'm so glad he did. It gives hope to the rest of us who want to be part of God's plan.

I just posted my computer lesson notes about Adam and Eve in their lesson forum... who are yet another lovely bunch of coconuts that God is forbearing and patient with. God even makes them clothes at the end of the garden story.

And really, is there ANYONE in the Bible -other than JESUS, who DOESN'T ACT like the rest of us? No... and that's the charm of Jacob and Esau's story. We're like them, deceived, deceivers, belly-focused, dopey, duplicitous, lusty, thinking we can wrestle God and win, ...and unbelievably blessed.

My favorite part of the Jacob story is when God (the angel at midnight) kicks Jacob in the groin. That's what it says in the original Hebrew.... God kicked Jacob in his testicles, then God disappears. (I politely reference this in my software, btw, because it's a point that's not to be missed.) Imagine God when he gets back to heaven telling the angels what he did to Jacob the man upon whom the Covenant rested.

So Jacob and Esau is another humorous story of Redemption, and that's my point of view in my retelling of this story in my Awesome Bible Stories CD. The joke is on us. -> God, whom we thought we ought to fear and bargain with, is willing to love us beyond our reasoning, and in spite of our enormous flaws. That's the essence of the Covenant, and of family. Same thing really.

Why? Because he has a plan? Maybe.
But how about because "God is Love". (Heard that somewhere.)
And we're his kids.

God loves Jacob.
And God loved Esau too... wonder whatever happened to him, btw?
That' would make an interesting lesson: "The Whole Story According to Esau"

<>< Neil

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