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Computer Lessons, Ideas, and Activities for Teaching Moses in Egypt in Sunday School

Post your computer Sunday School lessons, ideas, and activities for Moses in Egypt here.

Moses and Pharaoh, Plagues, Passover, Crossing Red Sea, 
... Genesis 5, 6, 7, 8, Frogs, Blood, Flies, Pharaoh, Nile River, Let my people go, Wilderness, Wandering, etc. Bible lessons and ideas about Moses in Egypt -with Computer, software, interactive stories, games, etc. Use the "Post Reply" button below to post your computer lessons, ideas, and activities for teaching about Moses in Egypt in Sunday School.
Take me to the lessonsIt includes a terrific Exodus Computer Game Workshop, among other creative lessons.

Do not post Ten Commandment games in this thread, it has its own.

NOTE: A similar version of this lesson was posted in the Burning Bush lesson thread because the Exodus software covers the story of Moses in Egypt, including Burning Bush, Moses & Pharaoh, Passover, and Crossing the Red Sea. That lesson focused more on the Bush, this one focuses more on Pharaoh and Moses.

The following lesson plan stops short of the Red Sea as "Game 1" in the software ends after the plagues. Game 2 in the software begins with Red Sea and continues on into the stories of Manna, Marah, Well. See my notes below about that.

Attention Supporting Members:
The software program referenced in the below lesson may now be downloaded and used by you and your members free-of-charge. Learn more here.

Moses: From Baby to Burning Bush to Pharaoh/Plagues/Passover

A Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:
Uses the Exodus Adventures CD (Sunday Software)

Notes on Splitting Up the Exodus Story in Rotation, and how Exodus Adventures CD divides the story:

Many Rotation churches teach the Exodus story over several rotations, the first Rotation covering Baby Moses -to Bush -to Pharoah and Plagues. Game 1 in Exodus Adventures CD does that too but stops short of Red Sea (which is in the second game on the CD). Some add Red Sea to the first rotation, but in my opinion, that makes the story too long to cover in one classtime. You could debate where to split the story. A lot depends on where you start it!

A second typical Exodus rotation covers the Red Sea Crossing and Sinai stories of Manna, Marah Well, and Water from the Rock. Game 2 in Exodus Adventures CD does that. I like that break because it begins the story of complaining in the wilderness with the escape into it via the Red Sea. Nice juxtaposition.

A third Exodus rotation often just covers the story of the Ten Commandments. Exodus CD doesn't cover Ten C's, in part because I had already covered it in detail in another CD: The Ten Commandments. Many rotation churches even do a fourth Exodus rotation...covering the journey after Mt Sinai....through Leviticus, Numbers and Joshua up to Jericho. Game 3 in Exodus CD does that for those intrepid enough.

Though your Rotation may call for 'teaching the Red Sea' as part of this rotation, let me suggest that it is OK to just use Exodus Game 1 which will stop short of the Red Sea story. You will undoubtedly be coming back to this CD to do a Rotation on the "after the Red Sea stories" of Manna, Marah, and Water from the Rock. Those Sinai stories are prefaced by the Red Sea story in Exodus Adventure's Game #2.

Depending on how much time you have, and you'll need the max for Game 1, you may need to help the students "speed through" certain gamey content, such as finding the helicopter key, and helping the students FIND things. Have the Game Guide with its "cheats" and game maps ready!

Exodus Adventures excels at presenting the sweep of the story. The more time you have for the lesson, the more time you'll have to pause and consider the discussion content embedded in the landscapes and spoken by the character. MAKE TIME, and start on time!

In Game 1, students play through a series of four landscapes that have learning presentations: 1. Monastery 2. Goshen How We Got Here 3. Midian Burning Bush 4. Palace/Plagues/Passover, and then Back to Monastery. These four areas cover the story of how the Hebrews got to Egypt, Moses and the Burning Bush, Moses v Pharaoh, and the Plagues.

Your students guide Robin, an onscreen character, through these scenes in order. She is tutored in each scene by her grandfather, and flys a helicopter between the scenes. She starts and ends at St. Catherine's Monastery located at the base of Mt. Sinai.

Younger children will need help navigating, but will enjoy the adventure and content. Grades 3 through High School will do just fine. It takes about 40 minutes to complete Lesson-Game 1. Some content can be sped through if the teachers tells them how to do it (using the guide).

A Student Handout functions like a guide for the kids and teachers. It is attached to the end of this post. Use it with the printable Game Guide from Sunday Software. The Guide has "secrets" for advancing rapidly through certain parts of the story if your timing requires it.

Leader Preparations:

  • Gather the materials.
  • Explore the software.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time

Materials List:

  • Exodus Adventures CD (Sunday Software)


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introductions:
Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Open with a prayer. 

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Lesson Plan: "Baby to Burning Bush to Pharaoh/Plagues/Passover"
How the Hebrews got to Egypt, Moses and the Burning Bush, Moses v Pharaoh, and the Plagues
See lesson notes for speeding through certain parts and ending on Burning Bush if that is all your time permits.

1) Start the Lesson by having the kids split into teams and seeing which can come up with the most accurate and complete list of the events of the Exodus story, starting with "Baby Moses". Alternately, if you have pictures of the story from a story Bible or archive, show those and/or have the kids organized them into the correct order. Fill in what they miss, especially the part about the Burning Bush.

2) Point out the questions on the Student Handout and mark those you want them to fill out during software use. Also point out the final questions which will be discussed at the end of the adventure.

3) Describe the software, and write out the GAME CONTROL INSTRUCTIONS (or put them on a handout). They are in the guide. The guide also has a link to a map of the monastery to make you look like a gamer-genius. If you don't have a lot of time, give them the shortcuts to how to do the Monastery's activity, so you can skip through it and get to the Burning Bush landscape via the helicopter. (The guide tells you how to play fast through the monastery).

These first introductory lesson steps should take no more than 10 minutes in order to leave maximum time for the software use.

4. Start Game #1 in Exodus Adventures CD

At the Monastery:

=Brother Deni greets Robin with instructions at St. Catherine's Monastery.

=Robin views short film in the Library, then finds key to helicopter and flys it across the Nile to Goshen Village Dig Site. If you're short on time, tell the kids where to find the key (it's in the guide).

At the Goshen Dig Site:

=Robin's grandfather tells the story of how the Hebrews came to live in Egypt, and how they became slaves. This presentation covers "Baby Moses" and contains several high-end video clips of the story. Robin must find these presentations in order, ...and there are spiders to zap.

=An Egyptian soldier appears forcing Robin to collect straw for bricks.

=Once Robin collects enough straw, her grandfather introduces the next part of the story (Burning Bush) and tells her to fly her helicopter to Midian where she will encounter God in the Burning Bush, ---just like Moses did.

At the Burning Bush:

=A large marker on the hill has instructions. Robin must find the burning bush (it will activate when she finds it). After that presentation, she must find and activate three sets of stones that mark the site of the Burning Bush. Robin must approach them in the correct order to activitate each presentation. If you're short on time, tell them the correct order (found in the guide).

=God speaks to Robin about what happened at the burning bush and asks her questions. The handout has a place to answer these questions.

=At the end of the Burning Bush level, Sir Dabney appears to tell Robin to fly to Pharaoh's Palace to learn the story of Moses' confrontation with Pharaoh.

At Pharaoh's Palace

=Fly to the Palace, land and go inside. Find the laptop for a presentation, freeze the guard, and have a Hebrew slave quiz you about the Plagues and Passover. Answering the questions correctly is the only way out. The doors open back up after the quiz, and Robin must fly back to the monastery.

If you're short on time, you can end the game after the Palace quiz.

Back Home at the Monastery

Flying back to the monastery, Robin is told to land and climb Masah Tower (the tower of "testing"). There she can meet her Grandfather up top one last time for some reflection questions (they are printed in the guide as well). You can skip this section if you're short on time.

Give students slips of notebook paper to draw EITHER a picture of Pharaoh. Have them caption Pharaoh with "the one thing that is holding me back from following God as much as I should". You may also caption Pharaoh as "the thing in our world that I need to speak up against more often". Collect and read them aloud, then pile them on a table and have everyone lay hands on the pile for a closing prayer.

Disclosure: I am the author of the Exodus Adventures CD. My work with computers in Christian education grew out of my work in the Rotation Model. I am grateful that the Rotation Board has encourage me to share my lessons here. <>< Neil



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Original Post

Passover & Seder Note:

If you're looking for computer software that explores the connection between Passover, Seder Meal, Last Supper, and Communion, see my "Jesus in Space" CD. It has a complete unit on the Last Supper which features a lot of creatively presented material on Passover Seder, including two games on the subject.

A lesson plan for it is posted here in the Exchange in the NT: Jesus, Last Supper Forum at

I am the author of that CD. I know of no other software that covers that subject or connection. If you do, please post it!

Attention Supporting Members:
The software program referenced here may now be downloaded and used by you and your members free-of-charge. Learn more here.


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Other Software that has MOSES-EXODUS content:

Note to Moderator: I'm posting this in several of the Exodus computer workshop lesson threads as a reference for all available Exodus software and lesson ideas.

Life of Moses CD from the Interactive Kids Series

Has been out of print a few years, but was popular for many years, and thus is owned by many Rotation computer labs. It has a wealth of content as you might expect. It's "main" animated story covers the Plagues and Red Sea episode. It's short videos and study notes cover these stories as well. For those of you who own a copy, you can stil see my outline and teaching suggestions for it at my Sunday Software website in the Teaching Tips section.

When Life of Moses CD went out of print, I sat down and created the Exodus Adventures CD (which I designed with more content across a broader range of the Exodus stories, and was designed to appeal to a higher age range.) The program covers Moses in Egypt, Red Sea to Rock of Horeb, and "After Mt. Sinai Wanderings". Exodus Adventures CD (Sunday Software) is for grades 2 (with help) to high school.

Play and Learn Children's Bible CD

(Unfortunately out of print, bu left here for all those Rotation churches who own it.)
EXCELS as presenting the Exodus story to preschoolers through 1st grade, and maybe even 2nd graders before they get too aged!

Here's a list of the short interactives in that CD:
Baby Moses
A Bush Keeps Burning
Walking through Red Sea
Moses Leads His People
God Gives Good Rules (10 C's)
God Promises a Home
The Walls of Jericho

You could string together several of these stories for the little kids, asking questions as you went. There's also a Bible Painting activity where they can color some of the pages. See my tech notes for that CD for how to 'print' those creations using your printscreen key (the CD does not have a print function). This program is too "cute" for older kids and doesn't have the depth they need. CD

Yet another now out of print CD that many churches have owned in their Bible Computer Workshops. presented a 'fake' internet of Bible character "personal webpages", including one for Moses, Miriam and other characters in Exodus. While modest in appearance and function, did present a wealth of kid-friendly text presented in an interesting web-ish interface. For grades 3 and up only, if you own it, you could have your kids do a scavenger hunt through it to find answers to your questions (posed on a worksheet for example).

Exodus Map Workshop Lesson Idea:

If your lab is connected to the internet, you could have your older students create their own customized Google Maps of the Exodus route using Google Map/Earth. List locations and add details of what happened there. I really like this idea, and doing it in Google Maps just requires some familiarity and prep.

This would be a good workshop for post-Red Sea stories where there's a lot of relocating in the stories.

Maps help SEQUENCE the story into memory, and locations provide VISUAL HOOKS for information. Our brains recall these visual maps which trigger memory. Yep, that's the way it works! ...and why I've always liked teaching with maps as visuals. (It's also why Exodus Adventures CD has an Exodus landscape to fly through.)

Back in the early days of Rotation, if the story warranted it, we would convert a space into a Map Workshop. In some churches, the Bible Skills and Games Workshop did that. Maps can make great games.

Note: The time requirements for students to create an Exodus Google Map can be daunting, especially for younger students (grades 3 would be the youngest to do this with). But you can create the basic maps IN ADVANCE of class, and have the kids fill out the details. Add photos of the locations for effect.

Post links to these maps at your church website and publish in the newsletter so the adults can see what your kids are doing.


This wonderful Bible software is now out of print, but a lot of Rotation churches own it. In addition to having Exodus maps, it also has several animations of Exodus events, and some photos.

While you might not want to have groups of kids explore it, it would make a wonderful program for THE TEACHER TO PRESENT WITH, especially if you have a large monitor or LCD data projector you can hook up to a computer. Have them use it to illustrate a Bible study in any workshop. Also good for children's worship lessons.

If you have other software ideas, please post them by reply!

<>< Neil

Disclosure: Standard reminder that I own a Christian software company. The Rotation board has generously invited my software suggestions and lessons, which is much appreciated. My work with software grew out of my work with the Rotation Model. Your own reviews, ideas, lesson suggestions are welcome. <>< Neil

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Found this in the Computer Workshop Design Forum - posted by supporting member ZBCC under
Computer Workshop Resources, Teaching Methods, Software, Websites

Using Audacity to create a Radio Show

We have just recently started using our computers to create radio shows.  We use a free pc program called Audacity to edit our recordings and the kids have been loving it!  

Kids take turns recording their voices to tell a story, create a news show or even make a radio commercial all based around the story we are learning.  We also have downloaded some free sound effects to add into their stories.  We find this works best with Grades 3-6.

We find that the basic outline helps direct the kids, provides lots of room for creative input and also keeps up on pace for a short teaching time.  Sometimes we tell the story fairly "correctly" and other times we try to put a spin on the story for creativity and also challenge the kids to think about aspects of the story more deeply.

The kids first complete the script's fill-in areas and then record it.

She has attached Moses Radio Scripts, which include:  "A Public Broadcast 'Plague' Annnouncement" (set in your city), "Answering a Caller's Question" (on the Exodus), Creating a Top Ten List" (how we can know or see God today).
Neil MacQueen added
--  KidPix software has a recording option and you can add pictures or text. Easy for younger ones.

Check out The Voice version of scripture. It's laid out like a screenplay in contemporary translation. It's one of the version options at A good start for any script.
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