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Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Genesis 2
Bible lessons and ideas about Creation - with Computer, software, interactive stories, games, etc.

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The Creation Story

Computer Lesson 

Summary of Lesson Activities: 

Use the "Creation Story" on the Awesome Bible Stories CD to teach the children about the seven days of Creation.  

Scripture References:

Psalm 24 

Lesson Preparation:

Supplies List:

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the software loaded and ready to go.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Opening Discussion:
Begin by having the children think of something that they made. Have they helped their parents make cookies, or made a gift for a parent at school? Maybe it was a derby car for cub scouts. Ask them what was it like to make these things? Was it easy or hard? Why?

Ask the student what they feel would happen if when mom was making chocolate chip cookies she left out the sugar? Or the chocolate chips? Or baking soda? It wouldn’t turn out just right. God didn’t miss a thing when he created the heavens and earth, because everything turn out just right. It really doesn’t matter if he cause a big boom in the sky to have everything fall into place, or if it took really just 6 days or 6000 years to create. What is important is that God created it and all that exists. 

Dig- Main Lesson and Reflection

Before starting the Computer Lesson, have the children look up Psalm 24. Take turns reading it or read it as a class. For 2nd graders, you may want to read it to them.
Go with students into Awesome CD's Creation Story and complete the activities per the handout. 

Finish by making a "Gabby Creation Power Poem" (an interactive reflection activity in the CD). 


Pray together: Heavenly Creator, All that you have created is good. Help us to take care of the earth as you would want us too. Forgive us when we forget that everything we have is from you. Guide us to remembering all is good when you are in our lives. Amen


A lesson written by Wendy Sempf from: Gloria Dei Lutheran
Rochester, MN

Original Post


Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities: 

Learn the sequence of events of creation using 


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 1:1-2:3

Lesson Objectives:

To learn the sequence of events of creation.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Explore the computer programs.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Play and Learn or Charlie Churchmouse #1 (Preschool).
  • Storybook Weaver or Kid Pix Deluxe 4

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the software loaded and ready to go.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Dig- Main Content and Reflection

Lesson Plan:

For ages 4-6

Software: Play & Learn or Charlie Church Mouse#1

Depending on which software you have will determine how you cover the material, with this group it’s good to all work together unless you have a helper for each computer to help the kids along and also get some discussion going.

Play & Learn

Select Bible Stories - Beginnings - Creation - Would you like the story read to you? Choose NO.

Tip: for this age group we work as a team, in our case on four computers with one teacher, so I select No.  The reason being is I like to work together as a group.  I will ask one team [computer] to have their computer read the story to everyone, but all the kids can look at the story picture on their screen.  To have the story read out loud on each page, simply click anywhere on the story text and it will read it to the kids.  This way I can keep their attention and ask questions to the group about each page .  They all look forward to their turn to tell the story to everyone.

Once the story page is done, I ask the group questions about what they just heard.  In addition, if you have them click on the book graphic (at the bottom), when they then scroll over the picture two ? marks will appear, clicking on the character with the ? mark it will then ask them a question, which you can all then discuss together.

If you had them click on the book, now have them click it again, to turn it off.

Scavenger Hunt Game:
Now when they scroll over the picture, with their mouse, they will see a camera wherever there is a hidden animation, click it to see what happens. Often on each page, I will have previewed it first and noted something specific that happens and will ask the children to find it, just for added fun. They love to let me know they found it!

Turn to next page by clicking on the right arrow and continue as with the first page. I usually will say, "everyone get ready...on the count of three let's turn the page."

There are general four or five story pages, in this story, there are four pages.

If you have more than one child per computer, which I always have, I have the children take turns being in control of the mouse.  This group will love to do the story all over again giving everyone a chance to click on things they didn't the first time through.  It also improves memory retention the more they hear and interact with the story.

Games Section: 
There is a colouring page (animals) and the same picture in puzzles. 

Follow up with either the Games Section or if you have it, open up Charlie Churchmouse and continue with it.

Charlie Church Mouse #1 (also called Preschool)


Level 1 - drag shapes to matching shape in picture.

Level 2 - drag puzzle pieces (12) to their correct position (puizzles are 3 pieces down and 4 across).

Younger children will do better with the shapes, while older children, in this group, will enjoy the challenge of the puzzles.

Select Creation

Story begins, then it will say, "Let's see what God did on the ____ th day by putting the puzzle pieces/shapes in their proper places."  (Note: days are randomly selected by software, they are not done in order.)

Children then need to either move shapes/puzzles pieces to complete the picture for that day.

Once the picture/puzzle is done, it says,  "Excellent you completed the puzzle/picture. On the ____th day God created ....... followed by a short animation.

Then it asks, "Do you want to play again?  YES / NO — if you select YES another day is randomly brought forward.

They can continue to play until they have completed all seven days then it will say, "Isn't God an awesome creator. God wants us to take care of what he created. How are some ways you can do that?

Program then exits back to main screen.

For 7+

Software: Storybook Weaver or Kid Pix Deluxe 4.

Storybook Weaver

Because of shortness of time in class, I prepared a file with the text already input for the events that took place each of the 7 days.

This file was opened on each computer and the kids were then asked to make a title page, then read what happened each day and add pictures (graphics) to each page.

Storybook Weaver Creation Day 2

The last page they were to type in and add pictures of what they could do to look after God’s creation (earth).

Have each group save their work, at the start and as they create each new page, in case something happens and they accidently exit the program,  they can then simple reopen their file.Storybook Weaver Creation 1

I printed their creations and bound them with coloured paper and handed out the following week.

Notes: This took longer than class time for the kids to finish - and they stayed after class determined to finish their work. I printed it off on a colored printer and the following week they made covers for their masterpieces after classes.

In this program you can add sound effects and music - I did not tell the children this - they would not have had time to do it anyways.

In future I’d do this over two Sundays - the second Sunday they could finish their work - then we could go to each computer and read each other's stories. Then see if the kids could remember the correct sequence of events.

Close with a prayer.

Sources for Software

Charlie Church Mouse #1 (Preschool), Play & Learn and Kid Pix Deluxe 4 can all be purchased at


A lesson written by Luanne Payne from: Hampton United Church
Hampton, ON

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If you have the internet in your workshop, NASA has some great websites:

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Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities: 

Using the Creation Story in Awesome Bible Stories CD (Sunday Software)

The Genesis 1 story of Creation is one of the most beloved and quoted scriptures in the world. It is majestic and poetic. It is way beyond science, and attempting to interpret it or defend it as a scientific text does harm to the word. Doing so would be like treating a Matisse like a sheet of paint, or experiencing a sunrise with blinders on. Genesis 1 is a Hebrew poem in structure and style, but it is also more than that.

Genesis 1 is a song of love and joy, --a "Creation Psalm" to be more precise. It's inspired to find it right at the beginning of scripture. Creation's primary purpose is to nurture our sense of awe, respect and gratitude. That's the purpose of scripture too. What a great start.

Genesis 1 is meant to point us to God, --to be inspired by God's loving care in providing us with a world in which to know him. Genesis 1 also reminds us that we have been given a special role as stewards. The earth is the Lord's! ...and he has made it for us.

This is the point of view and emotional tenor I tried to infuse into my interactive retelling of the "Creation Story" in Awesome Bible Stories CD. (

I wish I could say there were other Creation Story software programs out there, but there aren't in this depth or quality. Maybe someday. That said, there are other ways to do the Creation Story in software and I mention them at the end of this post.

In this particular case, the CD is the Bible study.

Leader Preparation:

  • Explore the software.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Materials List:

  • Awesome Bible Stories by Sunday Software.

Advance Preparation requirements:

  • Have the software loaded and ready to go.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Dig- Main Content and Reflection

Lesson Plan:

1. Introduce the subject prior to getting to the computers.
--Ask what they already know about the Creation story.
--Talk to them about the overall theme of Creation (some of which I've mentioned above).
--Give them a copy of the Student Handout and show them what sections you want them to complete. (I've uploaded it; look for the link at the end of this post.)

2. Dive into the software's retelling of the Creation Story, and remember to dive WITH them.

3. As you go through the animated story, examine and discuss the various study notes that explain concepts and vocabulary that the children may be unfamiliar with. Check to make sure they are completing the handout.

Pause when they get to the end of the main story. Have them join you for a quick discussion based on the questions in the handout (depending on your rotation emphasis, and which week you are in, you may choose to focus on one question or another).

4. Turn back to the software and have students work to create a "Creation Power Poem" using the software's "Gabby Talker" activity. Give them some instructions first.

The Gabby Talker Creation Power Poem onscreen instructions have several suggestions about what they might want to create. They will be selecting words from the story and dragging them onto a pallet, then [/b]]playing them back for all to hear[/b] using Gabby's fun voice.

Let them experiment. And let them know they don't have to use complete sentences. It's a Poem! (I've had children pick just two or three meaningful words and have Gabby Talk repeat them over and over.... "Good good good God God God". The words they choose and the way they order them are opportunities for the teacher to ask them "WHY" and "what" they were trying to express about God's Creation and creative power.

Tip: Sometimes their first "try" at making a power poem is less than stellar. Sometimes you just have to let them have their fun (they are excited!) and then ask them to do it again. Sit with them. Offer suggestions.


Have your student groups create a Closing Prayer in Gabby Talker. Ask them to put highlight what they think the key concepts are, and what they are most thankful for (you could split that into two Gabby prayers. Give them 3 minutes and then have them play it for all to hear. Remind everybody that they are prayers, then finish their Gabby prayers with one of your own praising God for the world he has created to inspire us, nurture us, and bring us closer to him.

5. After the Lesson Activity

Have the kids play the fun "7 Days of Creation" matching game on the CD.

Alternative Software for the Power Poem Idea:

This "Creation Power Poem" activity can also be done to a lesser extent in a program like Let's Talk CD or Kid Pix CD, as those programs can make the computer speak aloud whatever the kids type. In fact, that's where I got the idea for Gabby Talker's Creation Power Poem Activity! Difference is, Gabby says it in a funnier way, and the interface doesn't require typing. Even non-readers can use Gabby Talker to make a poem because the words 'play' as you roll over them, and then all they have to do is drag the word into the speaking field. In Let's Talk and Kid Pix, you have to be able to type words to get the computer to speak outloud.

Opinion: There are some computer lessons I've seen which simply say "make a picture of Creation on the computer". I guess that's okay if you have no other options. But long before I started making software, I believed that the computer could be much more than just a box of electronic crayons. Our lessons about Creation should be focused on praising God, and on that point, I think the exhuberant story presentation and praising activities in Awesome Bible Stories CD's Creation Story carry the day.

The Student Handout

I have attached the free student worksheet I wrote for the Creation Story on this CD. It hold kids accountable for paying attention to certain content. But more importantly, notice that it is laid out like a lesson plan... moving from open, dig to reflect. This means it is a sort of printable lesson plan for your teachers to keep THEM on track too.

To a certain extent, the handout could be used WITHOUT the CD as it asks a number of interesting questions about the Creation Story, which your students could complete by reading the story in the Bible.

Preschoolers will enjoy the Creation Story in Awesome Bible Stories CD, but they will also enjoy the cute story of Creation found in Play and Learn Children's Bible CD,and to a lesser extent, the Creation story in Charlie Church Mouse (limited story).

Years ago on there were some programs that people would recommend for this story that are now long out of print or out of date, or weren't that great to begin with (Heavenword, Amaz Expedition). I've seen lessons that recommend printing pictures of creation, but seriously, let's deal with the Word and not turn this into an Ode to Nature. The kids know what a tree looks like. Okay...I'm done

Disclosure: I am (obviously) the author of the CD in question. The Rotation board has encouraged me to post some of my free lesson materials and software suggestions and I am happy to do so. If you know of other computer resources and suggestions for this story, please post them as well!

My work with computers in CE grew out of my experience with Rotation Model. One of the very first videos I ever saw on a PC was a tiny fuzzy video of nature scenes in a program called "Creation" by Ark Multimedia back in the early 90's. It came on diskette and captivated our kids and teachers alike. It took me 14 years to get around to making my OWN Creation Story CD. Hope you enjoy it. <>< Neil


A lesson written by Neil MacQueen

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