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I'm pondering how I may be able to use lesson ideas here with our children grades 3-5 during children's church.  Our idea is to use 3-4 30-minute sessions to study different aspects and perspectives of one story with the intent of creating something (drama, craft, game, etc.) to share with the younger children on the first Sunday of the month.  We have a small group of children (6-10), and our hope is to build on our project each week as we unravel layers to the story and it's applications.  It seems that we could potentially focus on one "rotation" for each story...either the drama, craft, or game, etc.  Any tips, suggestions, or warnings?  

Thank you!! - Jen

Hi, @JLanglois!

I apologize! It looks like somehow your question was overlooked and no one responded. (In the future, questions will be seen more quickly by more people if you post them here in the Teacher's Help Lounge - click the big "post your question...." button at the top right of the page.)

Your children's church idea sounds like a good modification of workshop rotation model for your third to fifth graders!  It sounds like you will be doing a traditional four week rotation, but with quick 30 minute workshop lessons? (Many of the Writing Team lessons do have suggestions for how to adjust the lesson if you are short on time - take a look at some of them for ideas).

I am a little unclear on what you will be doing with the younger children -- are you thinking the older kids will be taking what they learned in the four weeks and share it with the younger kids? Would it be a longer than 30 minute session? Or would they pick their favorite of the four workshops and lead the younger kids in that?  Having the children share what they learned with others is an excellent way to plant the Bible story deeper in their hearts!   

I hope you are discovering that the wonderful thing about Workshop Rotation Model and this site is that it is so flexible and you can adjust it to meet the needs of your congregation.

Please let us know if I answered your question or if you need some more brainstorming. And if you are up and running, we would love to hear how you adjusted the rotation model to work for you!

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