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TeriB, Posted February 01, 2004

Make a 10" sugar cookie "pizza" in a pie tin, and frost it then using different candies to mark the places and string licorice for "traveled from here to there" make a map of Pauls travels.

Different color gumdrops for different cities, good and bad colors/flavors for good and bad parts of the story.

Red Hots for important things Paul said!

Have the kids WRITE a MAP LEGEND.
Bake in a PIE TIN so that it can go home and be eaten with family.

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Paul, Lydia and the Jailer

“Our Daily Bread” – Cooking Workshop

Grades K-2

Lesson Objective:

In Acts 16 we see Paul going about his business inviting people to “Join the Circle” of believers. Lydia accepts God’s invitation on behalf of her whole household—they believe and are baptized! Later, Paul and Silas give up their opportunity to escape from prison after an earthquake loosens their chains and opens the door. The door to the jailer’s heart also springs open. In amazement, he asks Paul what he must do to “be saved.” Paul replies “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.” Then the jailer and his whole household are baptized! The class will discuss baptism, and the time when each one of us “joined the circle.” 

Supplies - Two-tone Sandwiches:

  • 2 small slices bread per student, one white and one wheat
  • Cross shaped cookie cutter.
  • Sandwich filling (peanut butter, jam or jelly, or cheese spread).
  • Butter knives, paper plates, napkins.
  • Glasses of water or juice.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the story ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Lesson Plan


Greet the students warmly. Invite them to start with a prayer.
Savior God: Thank you for this Sunday morning to get together and study the good news in the Bible. Be with us as we learn how Lydia and her family, and the Jailer and his family heard about your Son, Jesus, and believed the Good News. We also ask you to bless the food we are about to make. And all God’s children said, AMEN.


Read aloud
the story of Paul and the Jailer from a Children’s Bible

Teach about Baptism:
Say: This story is found in the book of Acts, Chapter 16. Paul and Silas were telling the Good News of Jesus wherever they went. First Lydia, and later the jailer, heard this Good News and believed! What happened next? 
(They were baptized, along with their whole family.)

Ask: Baptisms take place often in our church. Think back to a baptism you have seen. What do you remember about it?

  1. The baptismal candidate usually wears white.
  2. Water is poured on the head three times, in the name of The Father, in the Name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit.
  3. The pastor makes the sign of the cross on the forehead of the baptized person.

Say: The sign of the cross reminds of God’s great sacrifice when Jesus suffered and died on the cross for the sins of the whole world. So today we’ll make a snack that reminds us of the cross. Let’s wash our hands and get ready to make sandwiches.

Help the children assemble Two-toned Sandwiches:

  1. Places bread slices on a cutting board. 
  2. Press the cookie cutter into the middle of the bread slices. 
  3. Carefully remove each cut-out and place into the other slice of bread. 
  4. Spread sandwich filling on a slice of bread. 
  5. Top with the other to make your sandwich.

While you work, talk about the symbol of the cross and why pastors make the sign of the cross on the forehead of the baptized. (to remind us of God’s sacrifice of His Son Jesus on the cross.)

Snack Time: 
While the students are enjoying their sandwiches and juice, read aloud God Makes Me His Child In Baptism, (10 minutes) or another picture book about Baptism. 

Journal Time:
Pass out the student’s journals and colored pencils.
Let the children draw a picture of Lydia or the Jailer and their families being baptized.
Or ask the students to draw a picture of their own baptism.

Supplemental Activity: word find or coloring page


Lesson Plan by Kirsten  from: Augustana Lutheran Church

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