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The Book of Job, human suffering, when bad things happen to good people, innocence, the problem of evil, the adversary, God and Satan discuss Job, prosperity, power, righteousness, mystery.

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The book of Job:

Cooking Workshop Idea

Make Dessert Pizza

In the kitchen, we chose to highlight the whole feasting angle in this story. Job's children are fond of feasting together, we discover at the beginning of the story. And there's certainly cause for celebration at the end when Job's gets all the things he loves back again.

So the kids made dessert pizzas—basically a cookie crust with cream cheese-type filling and chopped fruit on top.

Originally posted by Neil MacQueen


Additional Suggestion:


Do a little concordance work with your kids. See how many times the word "hot" appears in Job!


Order plain potholders and use fabric markers to include a verse from Job on one side, and on the other something like the phrase, "With God, Nothing is Too Hot."


Did you know the word "cool" appears in many places in the Bible?

Proverbs 17:27  "one who is cool in spirit has understanding."


Job certainly GAINED the understanding that some things are NOT fully know-able.

42:1 Then Job answered the Lord. 2 I know, Lord, that you are all-powerful; that you can do everything you want. 3 You ask how I dare question your wisdom when I am so very ignorant. I talked about things I did not understand, about marvels too great for me to know. 


How was Job's spirit "cooled" ??  By being humbled by God's speech in chapter 41.

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