We are in our third year of rotating and attendance has sort of evened out for the most part. But we have times when we have major fluctuations.

How do others handle these fluctuations throughout the year?



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I think the hardest part of "More Kids" is finding MORE HELP.  Train your CE committee to poke their heads into workshop and see if the teacher needs help on Sundays where it's obvious we have a lot of kids. 




I think "what to do" depends on whether or not the attendance fluctuations are predictable, such as, during Holy Week, or unpredictable.  "What you do" also depends on which workshop you're in when the numbers arrive.


Art, Music, Video, and Games are usually easily adaptable to the sudden influx of unexpected numbers.  If you know in advance, all the better.


However, Cooking, Computers, Science, and Drama are much harder to quickly adapt to sudden influxes of students.  They are more number sensitive.



Almost all workshops can be scaled down when you have unpredictably few in number. The only one which can give you trouble with a sudden dip in attd is Games, --if your game requires a minimum number of kids to make it fun.






I like to have a VIDEO hanging around that I can pop into the DVR or computer for those times I need to punt.  If I'm in the computer lab (which often is the case) and we get slammed with too many kids, I'll turn on a Bible trivia game, such as, Fall of Jericho CD.



If you can predict SEVERAL WEEKS of abnormally high attendance, then I suggest you ADD a workshop and split some kids if you can.  Instead of four workshops for 50 kids, do five workshops during that time to keep class sizes reasonable.


OR... do NOT schedule certain workshops that are hard to scale up. See my list above of those workshops which are harder to scale up.  


Look for Workshop Lessons here at rotation.org that fit your story and will work with LARGER groups.


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We're really dealing with it right now. We have a smaller Sunday school group anyway, and they are split up into two groups between K-3 (we hardly ever have third graders) and 4 & 5 graders because that group is so much larger.


We have large attendance fluctuations that are unpredictable. The older group consistently has at least 5 children but the younger group can have eight one Sunday and one the next. There is no true pattern to it. I don't want to combine and watch a video every time this happens, because it happens fairly often and I don't want the kids to miss that much rotation.


Would y'all suggest doing the planned lesson for the one first grader or combining the group to do one rotation together? We have combined sometimes (which sometimes leads to a child doing one rotation twice and one not at all) and have just had one child in the rotation sometimes (this works well sometimes but the child feels a little lonely sometimes as well).

Any advice?

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Hi lwade79...


Saw your question here in this forum. Normally, questions should go in the Supporting Member Lounge where they'll get seen. The site has gotten so big that posting a question in a sub-forum like this one almost ensures it won't get seen.  Many of these forums in this area started out as discussions, but have since become more like 'articles and advice.'


In answer to your question...

I've been there!  Why some groups are so erratic can be confounding.


Couple of options:


1. Serious Talk Time with the parents. More communication, publicity, emails.


2. Tap a Sr. High to be a "workshop buddy" for those times when you need an extra "student" to make the young student feel loved!


3. Have a set of "quick explorations, field trips, and special assignments" that the teacher can do with that child at the conclusion of the lesson. Typically with one or two kids the lesson goes much quicker, leaving you with time. 


  • I've taken special "raiding trips to the church kitchen"
  • "stop in and see the pastor to ask 'what can we do to help today?'"  (kids love this) We've ended up helping with fellowship food, coffee, and communion.
  • Prepped a quick puppet show and taken it to the Toddler Room! This made the young student feel pretty special, and like one of the "big kids".


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