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New from the Writing Team

JesusGethsemaneLogoJesus in GethsemaneMark 14:32-42. Six creative lessons helping kids understand what Jesus struggled with, and how to put our trust in God with our own struggles.

Coming late December:  The Road to Emmaus.

What makes the new and improved Writing Team Lesson Sets extra awesome?

⇒ Not the Same Old. We're constantly coming up with new teaching approaches for each workshop (and these techniques can be used for other stories as well!)

⇒ Details! Our lesson plans are extra detailed with "how-to," tips, and "what to say." They include plenty of questions to ask, "younger children" and "short on time" adaptations.

⇒ Great Video Choices. We scour what's available and bring you the best. These days, that means including YouTube resources.

⇒ Peer-reviewed & Peer-improved content. Every lesson is reviewed and improved by a team of volunteers — each of whom is an experienced and creative Sunday School teacher.

⇒ THEY'RE FREE to Supporting Members. 240+ extra awesome lesson plans are yours to print and teach any time of the day or night — and will be there in the years ahead when you need them. These are in addition to all our great public forum lessons and ideas. 
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But honestly, they're not for everybody Writing Team lesson plans are for creative teachers, traditional or Rotation, who are looking for something more than "talk and glue."  Publishers and other online lesson sites have cornered the market on uninspired quickie Bible studies and cute little crafts. strives to be creatively different. 

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In 2017 we celebrated's 20th Birthday, continued to make many site improvements, and added a lot of new ideas and lessons. We continue to improve existing content and write new lessons. We have some great plans ahead for 2018 that we'll soon be announcing.

May God continue to bless his children and all who teach them his Word.


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