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Noah and the Ark Drama Script

Here's the silly script!: Noah, a man who walked with God, and a few of his new best friends

Script for Drama Workshop, Noah 2 Rotation. Adapted from NRSV. © October 2007, LD McKenzie

(This 1-act play takes place on the deck of the ark, a conversation between Noah and a few of the animals just before their voyage ends. For younger children, you may need to recruit older children to be readers. Children can act along and/or be coached to repeat a key line for their characters from the script.)

Cast:  Noah, Mrs. Noah, Dog, Cat, Seal, Turtle, Giraffe, Raven, Dove.

Props, etc: Tunics for humans, face paints for animals, whittling stick for Noah, knitting needles for Mrs. N.

[All characters are starting off in distance in somewhat trancelike state.]

Turtle: See anything yet, Giraffe?

Giraffe: Nope. Lots and lots of water. Just like yesterday. And the day before that and the day before that…

Cat: Oh please. Have mercy. I’m seasick enough already.

Turtle: I don’t have any issues with water.

Dog: I’ve always been confident in my ability to dog paddle.

Noah: That’s the spirit, Dog. We have to keep looking on the bright side. God has brought us safely this far. And it has stopped raining. Right, pet [to Mrs. N.]?

Mrs. N keeps looking ahead and knitting without looking at the piece she’s knitting. After a long pause says, “Yes, the bright side. Which side is that again, port or starboard?”

Noah: Now pet. I know it’s been a long trip and you’ve been such a trooper.

Seal: Yeah, you didn’t even freak when Raven came back with no news.

Raven: It wasn’t my fault. There was no place to land.

Dove: I could give it a try guys.

Mrs. N: Oh Dovey. You don’t have to be a goody two shoes. Someone else can go.

Dove: No worries Mrs. N. I need to stretch my wings anyway. [Dove flies off.]

Giraffe: There she goes. Clear some landing space for her on the railing, everyone.

Cat: Oh Giraffe, don’t be so gloomy.

Giraffe: I’m sorry. I guess 40 days and nights on this boat has given me a pain in the neck.

Dog: That’s almost funny.

Giraffe: Oh my gosh, it’s Dove. She’s on her way back.

[Dove lands on railing. Has branch in her beak. Drops it on Noah’s outstretched hand.]

Noah: Dovey. What’s this? Can it mean…?!

Dove: Yes, I found a tree. Above water and everything. And over top of the tree, I saw the most marvelous thing. Some kind of ribbon in the sky. It had red and blue and yellow and orange stripes.

Mrs. N: You’re the best Dovey. I’m glad you went.

Dovey: Thanks Mrs. N.

Noah: You know what this means, everyone. It’s a sign from God. It’s safe to land now and God will protect us. Seal, take the wheel. Steady on toward that rain-bow in the sky.

Seal: Orr! With pleasure, Noah.

Giraffe: Funny, my neck is feeling better already.


(Other neat ideas from this lesson set include: arts/soap sculptures, pom pom animals, pipe cleaner animals; rhythm workshop; kitchen/ fish & chips; games/ Noah's Ark Bored Game. Click here for more detail.

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Noah and the Ark

Newsroom Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

The children will dress in biblical costumes and conduct a news broadcast about Noah.


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 6-9

Memory Verse:

“God said, ‘This is the sign of the covenant that I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for all future generations; I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.'" Genesis 9:12-13, (NLT)

Lesson Objectives:

  • understand the strength Noah displayed by building the ark

Teacher preparation in advance:

  • read the scripture passages and lesson plan.
  • learn the memory verse.
  • check out the room before your first Sunday workshop so that you know where everything is located.
  • preview the cameras and know how to operate them.

Room Set-up:

  • anchor desk
  • 'man on the street' scene

Supply List:

  • Movie camera with fresh tape
  • Microphones
  • TV
  • biblical costumes
  • life vests
  • umbrellas



Opening- Welcome and Introductions:
Greet the children and introduce yourself as well as any new child.

Open with prayer

Explain the purpose of this workshop: "Today you will experience the story of Noah and the Ark from a neighbor's perspective. You will enact a news broadcast about the "crazy man, Noah" and his boat.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Scripture/Bible Story:
Paraphrase the scripture: Genesis 6-9. (Encourage the children to use their Bibles to look up the passage.

Talk about what people may have thought and felt about Noah and his plan. What might they have thought when they saw the animals coming and what they might have thought about when they saw the first drops of rain.

(This script is only a suggestion, you may prefer to have the children write one of their own!)

director: Lights!……Camera!……Action!

narrator: Today's head line story is about one crazy man's attempted
depletion of our trees. Stay tuned for FUMC TV News at 10.

nephilim: Shalom. Later in today's broadcast, we will go live to Noah
to hear why he is depleting our forests. I'm Neph L. Em, bringing you all the news that is the news! But first, let's get an update from Gene.

gene: And I'm Gene E. Sis. Years ago, when Noah first began
cutting down a few trees, our citizens took little notice. When he told people he was building a boat, most people just thought, "Whatever". But after several years of tree clearing, people are growing worried about the long term effects of losing so much forest land. There is a national concern for the changing weather and possible soil erosion.

nephilim: (looking at Gene) Thanks for that update, Gene. (turns to face
camera) We go remote now to Cain's Orchard, Salad Bar, and Grill where Naamah is standing by for a live interview with the public. (pause) Naamah can you hear me?

naamah: (looking at camera with hand pressed to ear) Yes, Neph, I can
hear you fine. Thanks. I am standing here inside Cain's Orchard, Salad Bar and Grill where I have learned of a new skit that is performed daily for the patrons. It appears to be a spoof on Noah and it is growing in popularity. The actors are awaiting our cue so they can perform a small sampling of the skit for our viewing audience.

nephilim: (responding to Gene) Oh, now this should be fun! (speaking
into camera) Give them the cue, Naamah, we are ready to be entertained.

naamah: (signals 'actors' with a finger snap and pointing finger)

psuedo-god: Hey, Noah.

psuedo-noah: Hunh, who's there?

psuedo-god: It's me, god.

newscrew: (giggles and laughter)

psuedo-noah: Hey, god, what's up?

psuedo-god: The water will be soon. So, you need to build a boat.

psuedo-noah: (wide-eyed stupid voice) OK, am I going on a cruise?

psuedo-god: Well, you might say that.

newscrew: (more giggles and laughter)

psuedo-noah: Great. Can I take the Mrs, the old ball and chain?

psuedo-god: Sure. Take your whole family.

psuedo-noah: Sweet! I hope it's a family cruise to Disney World!

psuedo-god: No, it's more like a zoo cruise.

newscrew: (snickers and grins)

psuedo-noah: Sounds exotic.

naamah: As you can see, people are diving right into the spirit of this
skit. Everyone is in on the act! This God-requested-boat building has made Noah the object of everyone's jokes. But as those who have known him for years say, "he has never really fit in. He has never been like the rest of us. He has always talked about his God being better than ours and he doesn't know how to have fun like we do!" Noah isn't very well respected in these parts. (pause ~ speaking to the camera) Thanks, and now back to you, Gene.

gene: (speaking neph & chuckling) Now that is a funny skit. I would
like to go see it in its entirety after work tonight.

nephilim: (speaking to gene) Me, too, Gene, and I'm buying.

gene: That will be a first. (turns to camera) FUMC TV News at 10
prides itself on its unbiased reporting. So in our efforts to be fair, we have Jubal standing by for a live interview with Noah, himself!

nephilim: (speaking to camera) Jubal, can you hear us?

Jubal: (speaking into camera) Yes, I can. (pause) This is Jubal
reporting live. I am standing here with the man who has been on everyone's minds (speaking sarcastically) as a joke that is. (turns to Noah) Noah, would you like to tell us in your own words just how this 'little' project of yours got started?

noah: (wearing a life vest and holding an umbrella over his head)
Shalom. Thank you, Jubal, I would like that very much.

jubal: Very well, then, please feel free to begin. (act very disinterested and bored with Noah's story)

noah: I have always tried to be a righteous man and to follow
God's ways. I have stood alone among my peers who are corrupt and filled with violence. Then one day, God said to me, "I am going to put an end to all people...I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth. So make yourself an ark…" and he gave me VERY detailed instructions on how to build it.

jubal: God talks to you? (make the crazy sign as Noah continues)

noah: God talks to everyone who listens. Oh, look, here they
come now. (animals are marching to the ark. make animal sounds) I would love to stay and tell you more about God, but I have His instructions to follow. It's time for my family and me to board the ark. (sounds of the approaching storm) Good bye.

jubal: Wow, this water is getting deep! Hey, Noah, can I use your
life vest?

noah: You're too late…about 120 years too late!

(noise of door slamming)

jubal: (to the camera) Well, since Noah has left us and boarded his
boat, this concludes our interview. We'll go back to the studio now for the rest of our broadcast. (says to himself) Man, this water is getting deeper by the minute! (speaking to camera) Back to you, Neph.

neph: Thanks, Jubal. That was an interesting report!

gene: Well, I think that Noah person is all wet!

neph: He is certainly a strange bird!

(loud clap of thunder and lots of static before power outage and broadcast goes off!)

narrator: CUT!

End of script

Allow children to view their work!



Close with prayer

Tidy and Dismissal:

Ask children to help tidy the room. Give any specific instructions for clearing the workshop room.


A lesson written by Cissy Green from: First UMC 

Beebe, Arkansas  


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