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The Book of Job, questions, human suffering, when bad things happen to good people, innocence, the problem of evil, the adversary, God and Satan discuss Job, prosperity, power, righteousness, mystery.

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Originally posted by member LDM...


Job Story Script for Younger Children:

(though easily adaptable upwards for older children)


Presentation ideas.... 

Use this script as your Bible story/study. As you first go through the script with the kids, ASSIGN ROLES to them.  Then gather props and costumes and work out the blocking.  You could have God, Satan, and Job say their lines in a 'repeat after me' fashion if the children can't read.  Otherwise, you can have their lines written out on CUE CARDS.


You could also have the characters LIP SYNC the words. If you're the narrator, there's your chance to have a little fun with them by adding odd comments (as seen in improv shows).


"Behemoth" is a fun part for the kids to assume by gathering under a large blanket and attempting to walk onto the stage. Give the kid in front two "tusks" (cardboard tubes) and have the students make "behemoth noises".   My point: the script is a starting point, add staging and fun to make it memorable!  


Do a dry run, then video tape it so you can watch it back and make comments about the meaning of the story.

"My Side of the Story"
(The story of Job)

Narrator, Job, Satan, God, Job’s annoying friends Ed, Billy & Zack

Act 1 (Job's Ranch in the Land of UZ)

There once was a man in the land of Uz whose name was Job. He was a good man who loved God. Job had 7 sons and 3 daughters. They were good friends and often had feasts together. Job always said prayers for them. Job had 7-thousand sheep, 3-thousand camels, 5-thousand yoke of oxen, 5-hundred donkeys and many servants. Everyone in the country liked Job a lot.

Then Satan came to visit God. 

God said to Satan: "Take a look at Job. Isn’t he a terrific guy?"

Satan said: "I bet Job wouldn’t be such a nice guy if you hadn’t given him such a big farm and lots of money and a loving family. If he didn’t have all that, he’d have more to complain about."

God said: "I really don’t think so. Fine. Do your best. But you’re not allowed to hurt him."

Satan said: "Excellent!"


So Satan caused a lot of bad things to happen to Job. I will tell you about them. 
[But remember, little friends, that the story of Job is a little bit like the Prodigal Son. Some things in it are like make believe. All the bad things that happen to Job get fixed at the end!]
First Job lost all his sheep and cows and donkeys. Then he lost all his servants. Then he lost his sons and daughters. Then Job’s body got covered with ugly itchy sores. Job became extremely sad.

Act 2 (Down & Out in the Firepit)
Job had three friends called Ed, Billy and Zack. They hear about the terrible things that have happened to Job. So they come to visit and try to say things that will make him feel better. But they really aren’t much help.

Ed says: "Well maybe it’s all for the best."
Job says: "You’re no help."
Billy says: "Maybe your kids had too many crazy dinner parties."
Job says: ‘You’re no help either."
Zack says: "Come on. Don’t you think all this bad stuff might have happened because you did some teeny tiny thing wrong."
Job says: "Oh, why don’t you guys get lost.
I don’t want to talk to you anyway. 
I didn’t do anything to deserve this.
And I don’t need to explain it to you.
I need to talk to God and hear what I’ve done wrong.
Someday I’ll get my chance to tell God my side of the story. I just know it."

Act 3 (God Finally Talks to Job)
Narrator: Suddenly Job gets his wish. He hears a whirlwind. And then God speaks to him.

God says: "Job, let’s take a look around, shall we?
Who made the deep seas? I did.
Who makes the morning stars sing? I do.
Who makes the snow and hail? I do.
Who makes the lightning and rain? I do.
Now take a look at this.
This is Behemoth. He’s like a huge hungry hippo. Or maybe a giant wolf. Only different. His tail is a big as a tree trunk. He’s been with me since the beginning of time. He’s so ferocious that no one can come near him except me.
And take a look at this. This is Leviathan. He’s a sea monster like a giant crocodile. He breathes fire. There’s no other creature in the world like him either.
What do you say to all this?

Job says: "Oh wow. The world you’ve made and all the things in it are so huge. And I am so small. I’m sorry I ever bothered you with all my silly questions."
God says: "That’s okay.
But listen, your friends don’t get it yet. Why don’t you pray for them. They need all the help they can get."
Job says: "Okay."

Act 4 (Back at the Ranch, the Sun Comes Up Again for Job)
Then all Job’s sons and daughters return home.Like the olden days, only different. They even bring gifts of money and jewelry. Job thinks they are more handsome and beautiful than ever.
In the end, Job lives a long happy life and becomes the happy grandfather to many grandchildren and great grandchildren.


(party scene)



Additional ideas contributed by Neil

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A Drama Script in kid-friendly language by member Rachel H.



Job Drama: "Trust in God"

For ages 7-12
Presentation Ideas:
This could be a straight drama with scripts in hand, and kids walking through the parts.
OR, you could put the characters/students on stools and do it as a "reader's theater".
OR, you could create large kite-like puppets out of butcher paper for all the characters and tape them to yardsticks for a very large (and older kid appealing) 'large puppet' drama with the puppeteers wearing BLACK robes and gloves.

Characters: Job, Angels, Satan, God, Narrator, 3 friends, messenger 1,2,3,4, Job’s wife, Elihu

Props: halos, Satan costume, step stool, step ladder, clothes for Job to tear, poke-a-dots with tape, pom-poms, robe, money, animals, cane, etc

Narrator: The story of Job is about a good, God-fearing man who suffered total tragedy. Job lost all his children and property and suffered from an awful disease. Through this all, Job had patience and kept his trust in God. This story looks at the tough question of “why bad things happen to good people.” Let’s join the scene as God sits and talks with Satan.

God: (God sitting high in the background, like on a step ladder, an angel holding/protecting the ladder and an angel on the steps – Satan on a step stool – Job in the foreground) Satan, I’d like to introduce you to Job. (Point to Job holding a Bible) He is an awesome man. There is no one as faithful to me and as good as Job.

Satan: Well, what do you expect? He’s living the easy life. He’s rich and has a wonderful family! Take away his blessings – then he’ll curse you.

God: You are wrong Satan. Job will be faithful to me no matter what. Go ahead - do what ever you want, but don’t hurt Job.

Narrator: Not long afterwards, Job got tragic news. Bad news came from everywhere. (Messengers alternate entering from the left and the right - Job turns head back and forth with each one)

Messenger 1: Bad men came and scared your animals off and killed your servants!

Messenger 2: Lightening came from the sky and killed all your sheep and the shepherds!

Messenger 3: Bandits stole your camels and killed the servants!

Messenger 4: Your children are dead! There was a storm and the house blew down on top of them.

Job: (Fall down - Tear his clothes) I had nothing when I was born. I will have nothing when I die. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I trust God.

Narrator: In spite of all the bad things that happened, Job did not sin or blame God for his losses. But Satan being Satan – had to talk to God again.

God: Satan, do you see my good and faithful servant? Job has kept his faith even with all his troubles.

Satan: Yes, but a man will do anything to stay alive. If Job was hurt, he would turn on You and curse You. 

Narrator: So Satan made sores break out on Job’s body. (Add red poke-a-dots with tape to Job) The boils covered him from head to foot. Job was miserable. (Job sits down and scratches)

Job’s wife: Why are you still faithful to God? Curse Him and die!

Job: You talk a bunch of garbage! We rejoice when God gives us something good. Why should we complain if we have trouble? I trust God! I will have patience. 

Narrator: Now 3 of Job’s friends came to comfort him. (Enter 3 friends – put arms around Job and each other – pretend to whisper to each other) They tried to tell Job all his problems were because he had sinned – a lot! God had punished Job for the sins he had committed. Job stubbornly refused to believe this was true. (Job lifts his head and says: “I did not! )
Meanwhile, Job continued to suffer – his skin fell off in black flakes and his bones burned. But a 4th man named Elihu had some good words of advice for Job.

Elihu: Job you have sinned. You mock and rebel against God – that’s a sin! God doesn’t ignore the good man; He lets them live forever in heaven.

Narrator: Then, God spoke to Job out of a whirlwind.

God: (People circle around God and shake pom-poms – like a whirlwind – if God is still on the ladder, make sure an angel is holding/protecting the ladder) Job, why do you question me? Have you created the world? Are you as strong as God?

Job: No! I am ashamed. I will be quiet. I have sinned.

Narrator: The Lord restored Job’s wealth and happiness. (Bring Job ‘stuff’ – robe, scepter, money, animals – kids could pretend to be sheep, etc) In fact, God gave Job twice as much as before. 

3 Friends: Here’s some money and a gold ring. We’re sorry for all the trouble you’ve had.

Narrator: The Lord blessed Job. God gave him 7 more sons and 3 more daughters. Job lived to be an old, old man after living a good, long life. (Give Job a cane and have him stoop) Job kept his trust in God even when things were bad. 
Will you put your faith in God and trust Him always? Will you have the patience of Job? The End.

Written by Rachel Haugland – for non-profit use only.

Reference: The Amplified Bible, The Living Bible, Today’s English Version Bible
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