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This thread is for posting your Drama, or Puppets, or Storytelling Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Psalm 8.

In addition to the public lesson and ideas posted below, you do not want to miss the Writing Team's exceptional set of lessons on Psalm 8 ~ "When I look at your heavens."  This super creative and detailed set of lessons includes an option to dramatize the psalm in one of three ways using Drama or Puppets or "Reader's Theater." Everyone can see the lesson summaries and Bible background. 

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A dramatic "chorale" reading of Psalm 8 for kids

by Amy Crane


This could be dramatized or presented using puppets.



All; Boys; Girls; Teachers; Voice 1; Voice 2

[If you do not have fairly even groups of boys and girls, consider reading this as a unison reading, or assigning single readers to different lines.]


Psalm 8

All: O Lord, our Lord, 

Boys: Your greatness is seen in all the world! 

Girls: Your praise reaches up to the heavens; 

Boys: it is sung by children 

Girls: and babies. 

Voice 1: You are safe and secure from all your enemies; 

Voice 2: you stop anyone who opposes you. 

All: When we look at the sky, which you have made, 

Girls: at the moon 

Boys: and the stars, 

All: which you set in their places --

Boys: what is man, that you think of him; 

Girls: what is woman, that you think of her; 

All: what are human beings, that you think of them; 

Teachers: mere mortals, that you care for them? 

Boys: Yet you made them -- 

Girls: us -- 

All: Yet you made us inferior only to yourself; you crowned us with glory and honor. 

Girls: You appointed us ruler over everything you made; 

Boys: you placed us over all creation: 

Teachers: sheep 

Girls: baaaaa 

Teachers: and cattle 

Boys: mooo 

Teachers: and the wild animals too; 

Girls: the birds 

Boys: and the fish 

Teachers: and the creatures in the seas. 

All: O Lord, our Lord, Your greatness is seen in all the world! Amen! 



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Thanks so much for this post, Amy!  It's so timely too as a lectionary text for October 4, 2015.  Children reading this in worship would be a great way to support children learning to be worship leaders. ~ Beth

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