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Let's use this topic to build a bibliography of print and other resources to help people develop their drama workshops and drama skills.

Try to include a brief description of the item. Include the title, author, publisher, date published and ISBN number. If a book is no longer in print (just make note) as people may want to request it interlibrary loan.

Amy Smile
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One of my favorite resources for drama workshops is:
Crazy Clothesline Characters: plus 39 more creative ways to tell Bible stories, by Carol Mader. Littleton, Colorado, Group Publishing, 2000, ISBN 0-7644-2140-9.

This one is still in print and is a great investment ($14.44 at Most suggestions are meaty enough to fill an entire "hour." Plus, there are discussion questions and story extension ideas to help round out the lesson.

From the Back Cover:
"No more "sit-down-and-be-quiet" Bible stories! You've never told Bible stories like this before! These 40 wonderfully wild story telling ideas will get your children up and off their seats, moving and dancing, making fun crafts, interacting with each other, and discovering more about the Bible than ever before! You'll have fun watching children...
  • Turn construction paper into a living rainbow of colors
  • Hold a parade of masks and discover the families of Israel
  • Learn why Moses said "Let my people crow!"
  • Taste parsley, saltwater, and bitter herbs to experience the Passover meal, and more!
"....Each story includes complete, easy-to-follow instructions that include Story Extension Ideas. Plus, the Other Story Possibilities section allows you to apply different techniques to any Bible story. You'll add variety and fun by telling familiar Bible stories in 40 wonderfully creative ways!"

A note from the Exchange Volunteer: Unfortunately this book is no longer in print. It appears that used copies are very expensive. Try your library and your local resource center.
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Cathy Hoop posted

Great drama resource written specifically for children:
On Stage, by Lisa Bany-Winters, Chicago Review Press, 1997, ISBN: 1556523246.
Available through
All types of theater games!

Description: Here is a theater game and activity book that covers basic theater vocabulary, puppetry and pantomime, sound effects, costumes, props, makeup, and more. Several play scripts are included. 50 line drawings.

Note: not a christian book, but looks like ideas could be moulded to our use. Ages 9-12

rhondab - posted

Bible-Based Dramas Old Testament, by Sydney Donahoe, Instructional Fair, 1996, ISBN 1568227000. (OUT OF PRINT)
Description: Found a reader's theater book containing 5 Bible story plays. These are fun, and sound perfect for rotation. Stories that are included are Jonah, Eliezer finding Rebekah, Moses in the basket, Crossing the Red Sea, and Noah's Ark.
Barnes & Nobles - may be able to buy a used copy.

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Posted by Cindy Merten

The Jailhouse Rocked: And 50 Other Bible Stories for Elementary Children (Just Add Kids Series), by Daphna Flegal, Betsi H. Smith, and Megan Jeffery, Abingdon Press, 2001, ISBN: 0687048605.
Description: Is loaded with Bible stories that are interactive, meaningful and fun. The Jailhouse Rocked uses storytelling techniques that get children involved in the story. While your children are acting or listening, they're learning about how people lived in Bible time and they're learning about how they can live as children of God. Index in front of book with bible stories.

Don't Get Wet Feet and 50 Other Bible Stories for Preschoolers (Just Add Kids Series), by: Daphna Flegal, LeeDell Stickler, Judy Newman-StJohn, Abingdon Press, 2000, ISBN: 0687048001.
Description Is loaded with Bible stories that are interactive, meaningful, and fun. Uses storytelling techniques that get young children involved in the story. While your children are actively listening, they're learning the Bible. Great bible story index in front of book.

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Catherine - posted

I found this wonderful little gem for creating drama workshops without the need for scripts, etc.
Act IT Out! 20 Terrific Techniques for Teaching Any Bible Story by Randy L Ritz, Standard Publishing Company, 1999, ISBN 078470919X. (OUT OF PRINT)
Lots of ideas for story dramas (frozen pictures, echo storytelling, sound effect story), Character Dramas (statues, TV personality, ace reporter, See it, Be it) and Theme Dramas (Blind walk, mirrors, group statues, machines).

Includes 20 different activities to use over and over again with virtually any Bible story character, or theme. You'll find step-by-step instructions, illustrations, and wrap-up questions with each activity, with little preparation. These activities will be a terrific addition to any lesson. Before you know it, your students will be clamoring to Act It Out!

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Skit Books that include Overhead Transparency Background Scenes

julie burton - Posted

"Big Action Bible Skits: Old Testament", By: Christine Yount, Group Publishing, 1995, ISBN: 1559452587.
Description: has short dramas that are very easy to do, and has some discussion questions at the end. Comes with neat transparencies to add interesting background (using overhead projector) for the stories with directions for action and when to change the pictures. Much easier to put up a transparency than painting murals!!

Moderator adds: check out "Over-Projection Drama Technique (combining video with live actors, signs, etc)" topic for more ideas on how to use the Transparencies Backgrounds.

Julie Burton
Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery

Added: At last--drama for children that's both exciting and easy! Eight already-prepared overhead transparencies let you direct 10 favorite Old Testament Bible story skits. Just shine the overhead on the wall and presto: instant scenery!

Scripts included for:
Adam & Eve
Moses - Wandering 40 Years
Joshua (Fall of Jericho)
David & Goliath

Transparencies Backgrounds included:
Wooded Setting
Water (Stormy)
People (Crowd)
City (Village)
Pillars and Walls
Road (Road up close/green grass)

Big Action Bible Skits: New Testament, by Christine Yount, Group Publishing, 1998, ISBN: 0764420623.

Here are 12 delightful scripts of the New Testament storied complete with 8 colorful transparency backdrops. You get the instant Bible drama that's easy, fun and puts everyone in the spotlight with the flip of an overhead projector!

Scripts included for:
The Birth of Jesus
John Baptises Jesus
Feeding 5000
Jairus' Daughter
Prodigal Son
Jesus Walks of Water
Peter's Denial
Empty Tomb
Philip and the Ethiopian
Paul Shipwrecked

Transparencies Background included:
Road (Moutains & Road in distance) - more rocky
Water (Calm)
City (outside gates)
Desert / Beach

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I'm including these here, as well as in their perspective lesson area because if you have both books you have 14 masks for use in plays.

Bible Masks & Christmas Play, Kregel Publications, 2002, ISBN: 0825472547.
Description: A unique activity book for children to act out the Nativity story. Includes full script, 8 exciting punch-out masks with lots of ideas for staging and costumes. Includes the Angel's visit to Mary, the journey to Bethlehem, the Shepherd's story, the Wise men and king Herod.

Bible Masks Story Book, by: Graham Round, Kregel Publications, 2001, ISBN: 0825472326.

Description: This book teaches dramatic Bible stories with pop-out masks and props kids can use in drama and role playing. Included are stories, scripts, and masks for Moses and Pharoah, Daniel and the Lion's Den (6 punchout masks).
30 OT Quickskits for Kids
By: Steven James, Standard Publishing, 2004,ISBN 0784716293.
Description: Need a fun, exciting way to tell kids a Bible story? Something that will get them out of their seats and into the Word? Then this book is for you! Using reader's theater, a fun storytelling technique that is used to get three or more kids involved in telling a Bible story. This includes 30 Old Testament skits that tell stories about the beginnings of Israel, heroes, deliverers, adventurers, prophets, kings, and queens.

30 NT Quickskits for Kids, by Steven James, Standard Publishing, 2004, 0784716307.
Description: Need a fun, exciting way to tell kids a Bible story? Something that will get them out of their seats and into the Word? Then this book is for you! Using reader's theater, a fun storytelling technique that is used to get three or more kids involved in telling a Bible story. This includes 30 New Testament skits about life, death, signs, wonders, the life and wonders of Jesus, the acts of the apostles, and miracles.

Just a quick note about the above 2 books. They are to the point, humorous and real easy. I love them and they are great to connect the sunday school with the church, so use them during children's story time the last sunday of rotation. Either have a group of children who did it in drama, or I sometimes pull members out of the congregation and hand them a script with their parts highlighted (no prior practice needed). For the crowd part I type it up on overheads for the congregation to say with an intro from the Narrator who says, "And the crowd said,___". Once you have your actors you inform the congregation they have a part. Practice one line with them, especially if you want them to do it in a sing-song voice, etc. The children and adults really love these.

Crazy & Creative Bible Stories for Preteens,
By: Steven James, Standard Publishing, 2005, ISBN: 078471631.
Description: Looking for creative ways to reach preteens with God's Word? Looking for new methods to involve preteens in Bible stories they think they already know? Then this book is for you!

30 of the most famous Bible stories are organized by story themes to help you teach spiritual truth in fresh, funny, and creative ways. Interactive and improvisational storytelling and drama ideas help you teach Bible stories, review important truths from Scripture, and involve and engage preteens. Ages 10-12.

Sharable Parables: Creative Storytelling Ideas For Ages 3-12, by: Steven James, Standard Publishing, 2005, ISBN: 0784716323.
Review: this book is amazing, covers 17 parables (3 lost stories in one chapter) and each one is covered several different ways. Background information on each parable, grace connections, memory sparks, interactive ideas, adapting the story for different age levels, creative costume and prop ideas, applicaiton and discussion questions, etc. I'll add this under parables lesson section but also wanted to note it here.
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Fearless Pharaoh FooFoo, by Larry Vogel, Concordia, 1998, ISBN 0570053323

Age(s): 6 - 12
A school year's worth (34 dramas) of simple reproducible dramas for use by children in sunday school. Each drama is based on a Bible story, but as the title drama suggests, students will have fun while learning and teaching one another the stories. Some of the dramas incorporate songs sung to familiar tunes, such as "Let's Go Fly a Kite" or "Little Bunny Foo Foo."

Bible stories dramatized include:

* Creation
* The Fall in Sin
* The Flood
* The Tower of Babel
* Joseph and his brothers
* The Exodus
* Samson
* Ruth
* Gideon
* David and Saul
* Solomon
* Esther
* Pentecost

Includes a stage direction chart, performance notes, props list, grade level(s), and staging instructions.

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24 Tandem Bible Hero StoryScripts for Children's Ministry, by Steven James, Standard Publishing, 2004, ISBN 0784713219.
Each story includes presentation ideas, Scripture references, and a thematic connection. Each script can also be used as a puppet script. These are wonderful and always a hit with the kids, we often use them in church during story time or have two teacher's present it to the children at the opening. Steven James is wonderful, his skits are humorous and always get the message across. Ages 6 to 12. I recently did "Paul - The Preacher Man", myself being Paul in full costume with beard (to hide the fact I was a woman, Les Braincell the detective was a 8 year old girl, dressed the part, she was amazing ! We read the script, she'd rewritten hers (this she did on her own) on a pad so she could flip through it like a detective would. It got wonderful reveiws from the congregation in regards to not just our acting but the wonderful message!!!!!!!

Other in same series is:
24 Tandem Bible StoryScripts for Children's Ministry by same author, ISBN 0784713200.

Sure Can Use a Little Good News: 12 Gospel Plays in Rhyme, By: Jeffrey Burkart, Concordia Publishing House, 1999, ISBN: 0570048664.

A collection of 12 lively, humorous and reproducible dramas with rhyming scripts based on the events and parables of Jesus' ministry for ages 12 through adult. Each drama includes production notes, such as performance time. The dramas can be memorized or performed as reader's theater.  Book is out of print.

Here are the Bible stories that are covered:

  • Jesus' Birth
  • Visit of the Wise Men
  • Wedding at Cana
  • Zacchaeus
  • Good Samaritan
  • Lost and Found Parables
  • Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard
  • Healing of the Blind Man
  • Raising of Lazarus
  • Widow's Mites
  • Resurrection
  • Miraculous Catch of Fish
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