Joshua Song
Thornhill Presbyterian Church
Thornhill, Ontario, CANADA (north of Toronto)
April, 2004

Joshua Song
The song we used for our gathering time each of the four weeks of the rotation:

A Song of Joshua

Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle” (sort of - sometimes you have to fudge a bit)
Composed by members of the 2004 Thornhill Presbyterian Church Youth Group

God commissioned Joshua
“Prepare for invasion!”
Spies were sent to Jericho
where Rahab helped their mission

Joshua - a hero true
followed God and served him.
Took the people from the desert,
Led them to their homeland.

Israel managed to get past
the river called The Jordan.
Priestly feet stepped off the bank
And WOW, the river dried up.

Twelve stones were set up at Gilgal
to help the people notice
how God saved them once again
from water that would stop them.

At Gilgal they stopped to pray
there they spent the passover.
When the harvest food was there
Manna dried up forever.

While waiting there at Gilgal
Joshua saw a vision.
God showed him the way to go
To get past walls of Jericho.

Israel marched around the walls.
Priests were blowing trumpets.
For six days they made the walk
And then they made it longer.

That next day they marched again,
this time for much longer.
Priests blew horns, others shouted
Walls fell down - they went in!


Music Idea


Posted by Lisa M. 


In the music workshop, had to adult leaders that actually played brass horns (1 a french horn and the other a trumpet). After the lesson and a little practice, the children followed the adult leaders - and marched around the actual church (blowing their horns). This was during regular Sunday school hour, so some of the adult classes were "surprised" by the parade marching by. It was a great time for all.

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