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Rotation.org January Newsletter

Lent and Holy Week -- Are You Ready to Shout?

Check out our ever-growing and improving collection of Lent and Holy Week lessons, ideas and resources. Our resourcers have been adding to and improving the forums.

Don't forget to see the Writing Team's terrific new Palm Sunday set!

Did you see these great ideas at www.rotation.org?

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Awesomely New from the Writing Team:

Meeting Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

Road to Emmaus Lesson Set Logo

Six new "Meeting Jesus" lessons featuring: Art, Video-Drama, Music, Scavenger Hunt, Software, and a special "Emmaus Stations" journey. Lessons with creativity, depth, and integrity --to help them see Jesus.

Everyone can check out the lesson summaries and Bible Background.
Supporting Members can access the lesson plans.
Update: "Mary Magdalene Meets Jesus at the Empty Tomb" (the next WT lesson set) will be posted February 14th 

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The Rotation.org Difference

When you compare creativity, choice, cost, and the ability to ask questions and get lesson support, you can clearly see why we love rotation.org. Most publishers and lesson websites give you a single warmed-over lesson plan that reads like something out of the 70's and always seems a little "young." At Rotation.org we believe in giving our teachers MANY choices and creative lesson techniques, and we're always here to help. 

Your Volunteer Board,

Luanne, Anne, Carol, Jaymie, Cathy, Amy, and Heidi

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