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Four Terrific Resources for Sunday School
Teachers and Leaders at

1. Teaching and Celebrating the Stories of Holy Week in 2021

Check out the new additions to our collection of in-person and at-home ideas, including some special "at-home" egg hunts that teach the story.

2. Preparing for the Post-Pandemic "Return of the Exiles" to Sunday School

Join the discussion. Post your questions, ideas, and resources.
Find links to what the church experts and surveys are predicting.
See a set of scriptures you can teach, preach, and get inspiration from.

3. What and Who is the Writing Team?

They are the folks writing our $45/year broadly-graded creative curriculum!

Three times a year a group of creative volunteer lesson writers assemble online with our Lead Writer to brainstorm, draft, critique, polish, and otherwise collaboratively publish creative Sunday School lesson plans for our Supporting Members. Learn more about the Team and volunteer join us!

Each Team produces five or six lesson plans on the same Bible story with the following features:

Creative! ~ You won't find any popsicle stick crafts or coloring page "fillers" in our lessons. Inspired by the Rotation Model, we write lessons that use video, music, art, drama, software, cooking, games, and other creative teaching techniques -- that are FUN and ON MESSAGE (instead of being vaguely themed to the story).

Broadly-graded! ~ Each lesson is written with 1st-4th graders in mind and also includes adaptations for younger and older students. Writing Team lessons won't bore your older kids! Many Team lessons are easy to use at-home and intergenerationally.

Theologically Mainstream ~ insight and spirit-filled, theologically dependable lessons with an emphasis on learning the story, meeting God in the story, and applying the scripture in your life.

Focused on "major" Bible stories and passages, not the "minors."  See the Team's menu of 40+ Major Bible Story Lesson Sets and counting...

Coming Late March from the Writing Team:
Jesus and Zaccheus!

4. Follow Us On Instagram!

Our Instagram page features inspirational graphics for teachers and creative lesson photos from our community.

And when you post Sunday School content on your Instagram page, add the hashtag #workshoprotationmodel and #sundayschool.

Did you know?

  • 73% of Facebook users also use Instagram -- most on a daily basis.
  • 60% of Instagram users are between the ages of 18 and 34.

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