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Our stewarship committee is undertaking a big focus on stewardship of the earth in April and would like the church school to tie in to this. I am looking for either lessons or activites for kids ages 3 - high school (of course not the same lesson for the whole age range!)

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Posted by Grace Funk (Guest) 8/27/02

Earth Month - April

"Being Stewards of the Earth"
The Federated Church, Paxton, IL
Grace Funk, CE

First Sunday
- Read "What Can I Do?" Story - by Kim Moon
(Moderator notes this story does not appear to be online anymore - link removed)
Read Genesis 2: 5 - 22 (taking care of earth)
Have kids pick up trash from the church yard.
Make a list (flip chart) of things to help keep the earth clean.
Add to list items from printout on conserving energy in your own home.
(found on
Have leaves made out of construction paper, write each item on a leaf.
Set up a tree display (made out of whatever you have) and attach leaves.
Closing Prayer
- Announce in Church Service the youth will be recycling cans.

Second Sunday
- Read Genesis 1 and make a list of the 6 days of creation

Read Genesis 2: 1 - 4
Do Planetpals puzzle with the younger kids - ( Do Planetpals crossword with the older kids - ( Closing Prayer

Third Sunday
- Read Genesis 8: 20 - 22 and Genesis 9: 8 - 17 (Covenant with Noah)

Make a mural with the 6 days of creation (suggest one kid at a time draw)
Sun, moon, stars
Kids can color animal pictures while others work on the mural.
Have younger kids put the animals on the mural.
Color rainbow over the top!
Closing prayer

Fourth Sunday - Read Genesis 2: 5 - 22 (taking care of the earth)
Pick up trash again - if needed.
Make "Whole World in His Hands" foam craft
Finish mural
Closing prayer

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"Stewardship Choices"

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has a curriculum for youth titled "Stewardship: Choices". It has 8 topics, one being on stewardship of creation. There is a complete lesson, plus cards for discussion starters. My junior high kids love this!

You could do recycling either with the kids or the whole church.

Or, contact your Cooperative Extension Agent and learn about renewable resources, water quality, etc.

There is a book (not religious) titled "What On Earth to do With Kids?", by Robyn Freedman Spizman, Good Apple Inc, 1991, ISBN: 086653623X. It has all kinds of earthy lessons for elementary kids.

Julie Burton

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Posted by a Past Member

It Was Good

How about studying creation and how "it was good" and then comparing it to now. What is still good? How can we be better at taking care of God's creation.
We when studied creation we did a photo scavenger hunt. Students took polaroid pictures of things created each day of creation. Perhaps this could be altered to make a colage of how God created it and how we have treated it.

With an after school prgram and youth groups I have also done recycling crafts. With younger students you could have them all make the same craft (such as a bird feeder out of a 2 liter plastic bottle) with the older children and youth you can place recyclable items on a table and challenge them to make something useful. You might be pleasantly surprised with what they create.

A good recycling game (usually good for introductions/crowd breakers) is to pass a 2 liter bottle around and each person has to share with the group what they could use the bottle for (i.e. "I like to camp, so I could use this as a water bottle," "I like to play baseball, I could use this as a bat," "I like to wear hats, I could cut the top off and wear this as a hat"). We did this at a retreat at our camp and we finally had to make the group stop, once they began thinking of ideas from the silly to the sublime, they were full of ideas.

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Looking for cool ideas for earth day..  small class number all ages.. one Sunday only.. already ordered simple craft and some earth day mementos..

Reply by Neil MacQueen

Hi Roseann, and welcome to!

The story of Creation is a logical place to go. See our Creation forums:

Everybody thinks "green" on Earth Day. But what about "FUR and FEATHERS and SCALES"

Genesis 1:26, God commands human beings to “reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.”

So maybe it's a good time to do a "blessing of the animals"  Kids love pets, and pets are one of the ways we learn to connect with/exercise stewardship with. It could also have a local animal shelter angle too.

Birds are another way kids connect with nature, and birds are one of the prime species being affected by climate change. So... bird house/feeder projects?

And of course, fish/oceans are a major concern. Reducing plastic, nanoplastics.  What kinds of "displays" could the kids make about plastic trash that could connect that issue to Genesis 1:26?

Another idea

What if every church committed to planting a tree for every member or child.

What lesson could be taught by planting and watching a “Children’s Grove” grow over the years?

Hope this helps.

Reply by Amy Crane

A lesson on stewardship of the creation that God entrusted to us (Genesis 1:28) would be good for celebrating Earth Day. The students could plant a garden at church or at home, or could even tend to gardens (pull weeds) with their class or their family. (Maybe even a church-wide work day?)

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Here are a number of ideas for Earth Day from Building Faith that can be used in a group or at home.

Why Should Christians Care About Earth Day?

"Earth Day celebrates the beauty of this fragile planet, our island home. We are also charged, each April 22nd, with the ongoing care and advocacy of creation. The intersection of faith and Earth Day makes sense for many Christians."

Three prayers for Earth Day

Backyard Scavenger Hunt - The scavenger hunt list is included as a PDF and has a list of items and things for families to look for and talk about.

Holy Hikes with the Psalms - The Psalms are filled with natural imagery. This article has lists of lines from the Psalms which can be used to frame a hike or time spent in nature.


Celebrate creation with wondering questions - a collection of daily practices and rhythms which can become the beginning of prayer and a chance to grapple with what it means to be a created being.


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Earth Day Lanterns: A great craft for celebrating Earth Day using recycled/reused materials (especially if you save tissue paper from gifts like I do!)


The lantern instructions at Craft Train by Kate Grono include a recipe for making your own mod-podge to attach the tissue paper to the jar.

In addition to use as lanterns (with battery votive candles), these jars could also be used to hold slips of paper with prayers of thanksgiving for created things written on them, or make two and one could hold the pen and blank slips of paper and the other the prayers.

This project would go well with lessons about Creation, Genesis 1. The Writing Team Creation Bible Background (free and open to all) would be a great start to helping you write a lesson to go with this craft.


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