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This topic is for posting all ideas, lessons, and resources for teaching about Ecclesiastes.



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Why so little at about Ecclesiastes?


Content is member contributed. But more importantly, in the Rotation Model, because we teach each story four to five weeks in a row, we can only teach 8 to 10 different stories a year, or 40 in four years, and many of those, like Advent, repeat! That means we have to PRIORITIZE which stories we teach to our children. In the traditional model, there'd be a week or two of "exposure" to Ecclesiastes, but most children would learn or remember very little.  Rotation Modelers believe "less is more."  


"Which" stories to teach are left up to the individual church. 


That said, Ecclesiastes has some awesome wisdom for kids!  And many teachers and pastors find "other ways" to bring it to their kids, such as, through children's sermons. In fact, Ecclesiastes makes a GREAT SERIES of Children's Sermons!

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This is a great lesson idea that can be done as an ART project, used in a skit, or in a Photography/Computer workshop.


See the image below?  

Each student made their own with a cellphone camera in the classroom.

The text was added on the computer and the image cropped and colorized.


Our goal was to get the kids to MEMORIZE THE CONCEPT OF "E3" = Ecclesiastes 3 and give them a hipster way to flash the concept.   They liked that.

(more notes below pic)





In addition the scriptural verses, the kids came up with their own.

"There is a time to be patient, and time to apologize."


Then, after coming up with the E3 verse they wanted to photograph, they created a "photo shoot"  where they posed kids in a certain action. In front of the camera, between the posted action and the lense, they held up the symbol "E3".  (The photo below doesn't show the kids posing, just the hand symbol.)


It became a kind of "shorthand" for our group that said, "chill out" or "I'm cool with it."


The discussion centered around "WHAT TIME IS IT?" do you know whether it's a time to relax or get busy, be quiet or say something to someone?



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