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We have copied this post here from the Miracles of Jesus forum because it is a VERY good example of a "Newscast" approach to making a video in a Drama Workshop. 

While the lesson covers a seemingly impossible number of Bible stories, this newscast approach should make it memorable.  

The video obviously has some "post-class production" done to it, but these days, making videos look like this is pretty easy if you have the time, know-how, and right tools (which many teens do, btw).  

In most "newscast" videos, however, what you end up with is what you 'shoot' that day in class, making good use of the pause button and do-overs.  


A Typical Newscast Lesson Plan:


  1. Bible Study
  2. Breaking Down the story into a series of 4 to 6 "scenes" or "reports" in a news program.
  3. Creating some cue cards --a simple script.
  4. Rehearsal
  5. Videotaping
  6. Playback and Discussion.

The great advantage of setting up your drama as a "newscast" is that it breaks the drama into more easily do-able pieces, and you can stop the camera and "do over."

Newscasts have "reporting" but also "action in the background" so there's plenty for kids to do. The 'what does it mean' reflection is kind of built into the reporter's questions and the actor's answers.  


You can also break the story/newscast into several scenes for different groups to prepare independently (with your guidance).  

In your newscast, you can have the newsdesk, and on the scene reporters.  You can also add pieces like "Commercials," "Breaking News," and "Sports Reports" which are themes on the story or its meaning.

Prior to class, have a general idea and script ideas ready to go. In your script, leave some responses BLANK for the kids to fill in during their scene preparation. This is part of their learning and reflection. 


The following post and video link was created by member Donna Cooper.




We did a "Newscast" for our Drama Portion of our study of "The Miracles of Jesus".  

The video is being shown at church this Sunday in worship.


It isn't perfect, but it came out CUTE!!  And the kids had a blast making it.




 Included in this video are the following miracles:

  • Raising of Lazarus
  • Feeding of the 5000
  • Ten Lepers (see note below)
  • Blind man healed with mud in his eyes
  • Peter walks on water


Note:  The portion of this video which shows animated Legos was created by PowerSurgeKids of First Assembly of God in Warner Robins, GA.  Permission has been granted to make use of their video.

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