The new catch phrase in education for the last few years is Multi- Intelligences
According to Howard Gardner there are 8 ways that we learn.

1. Logical-Mathematical: You like to work with numbers, you think logically and operate with reason.
2. Linguistic-Verbal: You use words effectively, orally or in writing. You also enjoy listening.
3. Musical: You enjoy experiencing and/or performing  any form of music.
4. Spatial: You perceive the visual-spatial world accurately, you enjoy visual art forms and can graphically represent ideas.
5. Bodily-Kinesthetic: You use your whole body to express ideas and feelings and use your hands to produce or transform things.
6. Naturalistic: You appreciate, nurture, and care for plants, animals, and the environment.

7. Interpersonal/relational: You are a people person and have an awareness of others' feelings.
8. Intrapersonal/introspective: You have a good sense of self and are focused within.

Phyllis, I haven't seen them, only read reviews. There is a video "Multiple Intelligences" 'Part of Every Lesson' done by
Spencer & Laurie Kagan. The reviews say it is designed for teachers in all grades.

After searching the Internet, I found these sources that you might want to review.

"How Kids Are Smart?"

Dr. Armstrong has a few videos if you scroll to the bottom of that page.

I hope you'll let us know if you find some that will work.
More resources to help explain/understand Multiple Intelligences...

Posted by Randlut on June 18, 2004

I'm looking for a test that identifies your own particular intelligence preference. I took it at a workshop that Mickie ran, so its possible its copyrighted, but I don't think so.

Posted by Lynn C Wood on June 19, 2004

You can find a Multiple Intelligences Inventory ... try
scroll down the page to find link to printable view. This site gives permission for use by educators as long as the copyright tag line is included in copies.

Posted by <awebb> on July 21, 2004

... wonderful website (where) adults or children can take a mult. int. test. You might need to sit beside younger children and explain a few of these.

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