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Feel free to post your ideas and lessons for teaching about Ezekiel.





As you can see by the lack of material, Ezekiel is rarely taught to children in Rotation Sunday Schools. Other than Ezekiel's content being rather obtuse for children, the main reason Rotation Sunday Schools don't cover him is quite simple: we don't have the time.  Because we teach major stories of the Bible each for four or five weeks at a time to our kids, we can only fit about 40 to 50 Bible stories in a four or five year scope and sequence.  This means that some passages/books don't get covered by Rotation Sunday School. It's a case of "less is more".   Rotation Sunday Schools ARE, however, heavy on the "prophets promise of a Messiah" and the 3 most famous prophets of the OT:  Elijah, Jonah, and Daniel.


That said, we've love to see some Ezekiel lesson ideas here. Post away!

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We had great fun with Ezekiel a couple of years ago and the old standard "Dem Bones." We talked about how God could do anything, and sometimes he does these amazing things while we help.

Another song I used with older students was by Lost and Found ( called "Dry Bones". The main message is that after witnessing the amazing things that God does, we can no longer be silent. It has easy guitar chords and is available in their songbook for order.

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This video shares an object lesson and a short animated version of the story of Ezekiel and the dry bones.

Bible images copyright Kirsty McAllister from Lamp Bible Pictures used with permission:

Music is licensed by Digital Juice.

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