Please comment on this curriculum, using these questions as a guide.

What’s included in the curriculum? It would be great to have scope and sequence here, or at least a link to the publisher’s website that provides this information.

Who produces/writes the material?

What workshops are offered?

What’s the format of each lesson?

How can it be obtained/purchased? What’s the cost?

What do you like about it?

What could be improved?

How do you use it?

How do you adapt it?
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Posted by Croskeys
May 03, 2006

Hey Y'all,
I've been keeping an eye on the Augsburg Firelight stuff for several months and noticed that in the last couple of weeks all the lesson sets for Firelight I have been taken down and are now no longer for sale. argh! There was some good stuff there, I thought. Firelight II is for sale of course, but there aren't as many lesson sets available.

Anyways, does anyone know a person/church that might have any used Firelight I stuff that I could purchase?

I assume you have contacted Augsburg-Fortress directly?
They may have a source for you.

Also, try using the "advanced find" feature above, and type in Firelight. There may be some help that way.

Or, you may want to contact the ELCA in Minneapolis- they might have knowledge of which churches use Firelight.
Otherwise, I hope some good Lutherans will see your post and have some ideas!

Jan S
Those are some good options - I'll give it a try. I'm a little surprised they disbanded the Firelight 1 stuff like that - it had a decent amount of Old Testament lessons in it. Now, with only Firelight 2 being available there is only ONE lesson from the OT and it's on the Ten Commandments. Makes me wonder how committed they really are to the curriculum!
After using Firelight I for several years, (we never used Firelight II), we created our own scope & sequence and now we sift through ideas here for our lessons.

To start, I made a list of possible lessons, using this web site as a base- if there weren't many lesson ideas, I didn't include the lesson as a possibility. I then invited everyone on our education committee, our pastors, and our teachers to vote on which ones they thought were essential or ones we could skip. We used those results to help narrow the list to the number we could teach in our 6 year time frame. We put each lesson on post-it notes, and shuffled them around until we found a sequence we liked.

I've been Lutheran all my life. While I, too, am a volunteer and am not theologically "trained", I've seen very few lessons that don't "feel" Lutheran to me. Perhaps you could invite your pastor to review the lessons to be sure they are meeting his expectations. Or you could ask for a list of Lutheran teaching that might differ from others to help you know what things he'd like you to look out for. I think most lessons with potential conflict could be easily modified to be fully "Lutheran" or any other denomination.

I do most of the sifting and lesson compiling for our church. It does take some time, but the possbilities of finding a lesson that matches our people, our kids, and our facilities are tremendous and I find it very rewarding when a lesson comes together.
Another option for Lutheran based curriculum is the weekly material from Concordia Publishing House. You could select some lessons from the curriculum and use the teachers guide to tweak lesson plans from this site to incorporate law/gospel points and catechism/liturgy connections. There are ideas on their site on how to adapt the curriculum for site rotation and a sample lesson from the teachers guide. See:

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