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We want to do a "walk through" type of activity for the children to present to the church instead of the general Christmas program. This would be learned by the children during our Workshop Sunday School class times. Ideas are food, jobs, clothes, animals and I would write up a short speech for the child to use the night of the program to explain what they represent.

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Try getting your hands on
An Advent Journey by Betty Goetz
from the people who produce the
Marketplace 29AD material.
This has all the info you would need to create your own program or use theirs stand alone.

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Marketplace 29AD: author has retired and is no longer in print. But, Group will be including his ideas and lesson style in future VBS material.

The first is Holyland Adventure Jerusalem Marketplace (2005) Group VBS - Marketplace was one of his Lesson Plans and group has turned it into a VBS program using all the material from his Marketplace Lesson Set.

I do not know which lesson set had the Advent Journey in it, but it may show up in a future VBS as his material was excellent. I've seen the Tabernacle one he did.

Update: Newer Group packages for Christmas based on the above Marketplace Theme.

Miracle of Jesus Christmas Event Kit, 2019.
Some of the Marketplaces: City Gates, The Stable, Wood Trader, Spice Shop, Fisher's Pier, Bakery.

A Night in Bethlehem Event Kit, by Group, 2016 & 2020.
Some of the Marketplaces: Carpentry Shop, Pottery Shed, Scribes Tent, Metal Shop.

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