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Member Kris Edscorn posted the following sword drill game...

Sword Drill Game

Especially for our older children (we go up through 8th grade in our Rotation setting), we use a variety of activities to help them learn how to study the Bible for themselves (including memorization, use of study tools, etc.)

We sometimes use a form of "Sword Drill" to explore passages related to the story. For instance, in this case, I would draw up a list of passages (OT & NT) which deal with forgiveness and restoration. The students are each given a Bible (we use the NIrV), and when given the passage they see who can find it first. They then read the passage, and we briefly discuss how it relates to our theme of forgiveness. Then we move on to the next.

This helps them learn their way around the Bible faster, and also how to tie together various passages in the scriptures.

What ideas do you have?

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A labyrinth would be an excellent exercise for forgiveness. It's not a game but a time for kids to seriously think about their sins and repent.


Go to to find an example of a labyrinth. Just use a painters dropcloth available at home depot and use some colored tape to show the direction and stations the kids need to use in the labyrinth. If you have any more questions, please email me at

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Drama Illustration (Forgiveness) - children with props of a sheet and a flashlight.


We used this illustration in our Drama room for the kids to better understand how Peter felt when he denied Jesus and was forgiven.

While the children are doing this activity, narrate what is happening so that they understand the concept of how Peter may have felt.

Have someone in the class be Peter. With a large sheet have Peter pull the sheet behind him. Explain that this is how Peter’s heart may have felt before Jesus was arrested. It was light and guilt free. He had told Jesus that he would follow him anywhere. Then, have 1 child sit on the sheet and have Peter pull him across the stage. This is how Peter’s heart felt after denying Jesus the first time. Add another child and have Peter try to pull 2 children at one time, this is the weight he felt from denying Jesus a second time. Finally, add a 3rd child to the sheet. See if Peter can pull that child across the stage. His heart was heavy with the burden of letting Jesus down by denying him a 3rd time. Have a predetermined child to turn off the lights at this point and the 3 children on the sheet exit the stage. Tell the children the darkness represents Jesus’ crucifixion. From the audience another child will have a flashlight and shine it on Peter. The light represents Jesus’ resurrection and his forgiveness of Peter for his short-comings. Have Peter take a bow!

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Art idea - Shrinky Dink Rooster

reposted here to consolidate this topic...

Posted March 08

Just wanted to post an idea for an art lesson Peter's Denial. We studies Peter denying Christ and the rooster crowing twice. Students drew a rooster with colored pencils on Shrinky Dink plastic. I found a good black and white rooster template on the internet for those who didn't want to draw their own. We drew, colored and cut the Shrinky Dinks then shrank them. Kids had the option of gluing a magnet to the back for their refrigerator at home or using a paper punch before baking the Shrinky Dink to make a hole in it to put their rooster on a chain. The symbol of the rooster was to remind them of Peter's Denial of Christ and Jesus' forgiveness.

Drama Idea - Interactive Story Stations

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Posted September 20

A Drama? or what? ...a concept that worked for us

The following CONCEPT could easily be adapted for a PETER Rotation.

This past year we did an interesting "March through drama" marching our kids to three different locations on the Exodus TREK between the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai as one of our workshops. We had previously studied the stories of Manna/Quail, Bitter Water, Water from the Rock and knew that all had the same theological issue: YOU complain -and inspiteof the complaints GOD helps. (the lesson outline is in the Lesson Exchange). So for one of the workshops we put all three together and did them in sequence in a wild form of interactive drama our kids will never forget. The super-soaker "inside" the rock of Horeb, the mysterious way we turned the bitter water sweet. The tone was F-U-N and the events memorable. One of my favorite lessons from last year.

For one workshop, create different Peter Bible scenes for the kids to run through. The story is told by a storyteller and ids all pretend to be Peter. They leave the room between each scene while the room is transformed into the next scene.

  1. Peter fretting about leaving his boat OR going back fishing again after an all-nighter at Jesus' request
  2. Peter sinking in the water
  3. Peter being rebuked by Jesus
  4. Peter denying he knows Jesus
  5. Jesus telling Peter to feed sheep
  6. Peter at Pentecost sticking up for the Gospel
  7. Peter having a vision of the animals/food in the blanket coming down from heaven.

The KEY is to present each VIGNETTE with FUN PROPS and fun action acted TOWARD the kids. Have some teens help. For example, all the kids acting as Peter at the same time would have to get wet when they sank in the waves (squirt guns). A giant HAND could represent Jesus. Large blanket filled with stuffed animals could rain down on the kids for that part of the story. Flying gold fish crackers the kids had to catch with a net (not a precise activity that matches the story to be sure, but a fun memorable "approximate" one), a rowboat in the room, hair gel to make every kids'hair stand up when Jesus rebukes them, make "drunk on the Holy Spirit bottles" with labels to that effect (hey it's in the Bible gang)...


Luanne adds:  a rooster puppet for Peter's Denial

Stage 2006 9b Easter

Stage 2006 9c Easter Peter Denies Jesus

Stage 2006 9d Easter Peter Denies Jesus

Check out "Peter" from the "Ideas A to Z Series" by Phyllis Wezeman et al. (ISBN-13: 978-0825439629)

We based much of our lesson on the St Elmo's Choir set posted here, but wanted something different for the game. Last minute, I stumbled upon this book. The game idea is a board game based on a "Chutes and Ladders" concept and discusses the ups and downs that we see in Peter's life. For our first two weeks of the rotation, my kindergartener and then my 5th grader had the game workshop and both were very excited about the lesson. We adapted it to include only the "ups" and "downs" that were touched on in the parts of Peter's story that we focused on. A very effective game.


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Game Idea - Chutes & Ladders


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Author Jill Kemp has a number of FREE printable one-page Bible storybooks for younger children and preschoolers which use Richard Gunther kid-friendly illustrations.

NEW Testament storybooks:

OLD Testament storybooks:

These include both color and black & white story pages.

Free one-page printable storybook:

You can find more free Bible illustrations by Richard Gunther at and licensed for non-commercial teaching use. Illustrations by themselves are good for teaching non-readers and for using as "charade" or Pictionary clues, and for story-ordering games.

To see all of Gunther's other illustrated stories organized by Bible story go to https://www.freebibleimages.or...tors/richardgunther/


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