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Welcome to our public Pentecost ~ Acts 1 and 2 ideas and lessons forum. Don't forget to check out the supporting members' "Wind, Fire, Faith!" Pentecost lesson from our Writing Team. The lesson summaries and Bible background are open to all.

Your ideas welcome! Reply below. (Already some good ones.)

Is it too late to celebrate Pentecots this year? It's never too late THIS year!

...and besides, Pentecost is a "church season" not just a single Sunday.

Here are four things you can do right now to help families celebrate Pentecost at home. Post your ideas below!

1. Pentecost Windsock and/or streamers

Provide kids with a Pentecost Windsock kit, or make them yourself and drop off at member homes for display. Include a message and also BE the message of caring and connecting beyond the building. Remember: On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit kicked the disciples out of their room and into the street 


See my notes below in a subsequent post about making a windsock or instructing families to do so with readily available materials.

2. Celebrate the Birthday of the Church

Drop off Cake Mix and Red Sprinkles for families to make a Pentecost Birthday Cake or Cupcakes with "red hots" or M&M mosaic of dove. Don't forget the "birthday" candles!   
Make a shopping list of the birthday presents your CHURCH needs right now and ask families to shop for or donate some of the items.  (hand wipes, TP, a pledge to come clean up a classroom?)

3. Share the Bible story online!

Questions to ask:

  • What "language" do you speak more fluently?  Action, Compassion, Kindness?
  • Which kind of "fire" does your faith feel like: a spark, warm embers, hot coals, blazing logs. Why?

4. A Great Music Video to Share and Discuss

Start a Fire in My Soul by Unspoken was one of the most popular Christian contemporary songs of the past few years. Share the music video and some questions, like,

  • "What was its visual message?"
  • "What am I 'on fire' about in my life?"
  • What causes, concerns, and actions would I like to catch fire for?"
  • "Who do I need to 'collect' to help me just like they did in the video?"
  • "How can our family TOGETHER make a difference in the world?"


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Making a Pentecost Windsock or Windcatcher or Stained Glass Windows with various readily available materials

Perhaps you have the world's greatest craft closet at your church, or members willing to go to Michael's Craft to buy whatever, but let's assume you need to make this project EASY for them and for you. Here are several project suggestions that use "off the shelf" or "out of the closet" supplies most churches will have. Put them in a kit with instructions. Invite people to send a photograph of their creations showing how they are celebrating the season of Pentecost at home.

Note: In several places I suggest using pieces of colorful plastic table cloths to make streamers. They are more durable than crepe paper and tend not to fade. They are also a lot easier to WRITE messages/scripture on!  They are ubiquitous and cheap. Buy several different colors and send home a mixed variety in your kit.


1. Your windsock "barrel" can be a small decorated paper lunch bag or rolled cardstock with strips of colorful plastic table cloth streamers (or crepe paper streamers). Don't forget to suggest messages!

2. A Windsock can be more like a simple "wind catching" kite with streamers than a "barrel" with streamers. And it can be small -- more like a decorative item than real kite.  Some straps, yarn, paste and crepe paper will do.

Supplies: Plastic drinking straws or 1/8" wooden dowel sticks that can easily be cut to size, Sheets of tissue paper. School glue. Plastic table cloth "streamers" or crepe paper.

3. Use the Paper Plate Circle and Streamer construction for younger kids. 
Paper plates, school glue, strips of colorful plastic table cloth or crepe streamers, yarn.

The picture shows a stick, but you can easily attach a length of yarn to hang the wind catcher. Don't forget to suggest a message for the windcatcher, such as "Call Upon the Name of the Lord |Young See Visions | Old Dream Dreams" from Acts 2.

4. Alternately, you can send home supplies to create "Stained Glass Pentecost Windows."


  1. Posterboard cut in strips or a shape to form the window and images.
  2. Tissue paper
  3. Glue

First cut and paste the strips in any shape to a single sheet of tissue paper. Then brush the tissue paper with a slightly watered down solution of school glue. Then immediately press pieces of different colored tissue into the glue and let dry.


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I like Pinwheels to celebrate the wind of the Spirit at Pentecost. Conversation while making them can be about how our words (witness) is like the wind spreading the good news! Pinwheels can be made by families using materials they probably already have at home, or can get easily (use pencils or straws instead of dowels). Pinwheels can be made in quantity and distributed to friends and neighbors. 

You can find lots of instructions for making pinwheels online, as well as a variety of videos, including this one:

Pinwheels can be decorated while the paper is still flat -- either flame colors as another reminder of the coming of the Holy Spirit, or with Bible verses and messages of love and encouragement for friends and neighbors.


Another great suggestion for families celebrating Pentecost at home is a campfire (or cookout) -- with toasted marshmallows, of course! Acts 2 (or a children's storybook Bible retelling of Pentecost) can be read, and then those gathered can talk about what it means to be part of the church family, united by Spirit even when we are separated.


The church could drop off kits with marshmallows and long metal skewers as encouragement for families to gather and remember the fire that lit the Church.

This idea would also be fun for families to gather with neighbors or church members who live nearby in communities where stay at home orders have been lifted.


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We are sending out bottles of bubbles.  Like our breath gives shape to the bible solution, the breath of God gives our lives shape, form, meaning....Power to be God's people in the world.  


using Paul's "Fruits of the Spirit" from Galatians 5:22-23

"...the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control. There is no law against such things as these."

Write the various individual fruits on slips of paper (love, joy, peace, etc) and toss them in a hat. Have each family member draw a slip of paper, take a moment, then share an example from their life or something they've recently seen that is an example of that "fruit." (Example of love, peace, humility, etc.) When finished with their example, set the fruitslip aside until each fruit has been answered, then play a second round.

When someone isn't sure what the word means, have others help define it. Answers can be about your personal experience such as something that has given me "joy" or "made me feel good," or "something I need more self-control about, help with," or "something kind I've seen someone else in our family do." etc.  

Have a bowl of fruits or fruit candies (like Skittles) to "thank" each participant for their answer. 

After playing a round, place all the slips face-up on the table and discuss which ones "I need more of" and "have felt the most" recently. Remind each participant that these and all good things come from God to all his children, and that Christians are people who REMEMBER TO THANK GOD for these gifts of grace. Close with a prayer of thanksgiving.


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