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I thought I might share an idea about raising money for new kids' Bibles that we are doing this coming Sunday.  I'll report on it after we're done.

We need to purchase Bibles for our kids' classes but didn't have the money in the budget. So we came up with this special "themed" Sunday we called "Building our Children's Faith." All teachers will be coming to church dressed as construction workers (this isn't to hard for me.. I work in construction... but a pair of Jeans and a t-shirt with a hammer in your back pocket would work).

On the large bulletin board in the narthex we have an outline of a cross.  Next to it is a pile of "bricks" (pictures of a Bible run on the church copier and colored in by the kids). The brick also has $25 on it.  There's also a sample of the Bible we want to buy.

We have asked everyone to "write their name on a brick" (to commit to donating a Bible) and place it on the cross to "help build our children's faith." We have left a basket for checks, but after all the bricks are chosen and people have put their names on them, we will give a copy of their brick to them as a reminder to send a check.  

When all the bricks are spoken for we will be purchasing The Adventure Bible NIV for the kids.  When the Bibles arrive, we'll put them on a table in the shape of a cross in the sanctuary, and DEDICATE them in worship, then have the kids take them to the classrooms,

We'll also place a "Given by" sticker inside the cover of each Bible.

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The response was amazing! In one Sunday we raised enough to purchase 38 bibles !! We still have another week to go but we are about 3/4 of the way there!

Praise God!

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What a great idea, Nancy! When our church began rotation we asked people to "adopt-a-Bible" so that families who couldn't readily find the cash for one or more Bibles (we also chose the Adventure Bible but it's $39.95 CDN) could still have one. Our congregation really reponded to the call and so we have several extra copies on the shelf for visitors too! Very biblical...ask and ye shall receive...

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Well, the final totals are in....

We have officially closed our bible drive! In the 3 weeks that we have been doing this we can now purchase... drum roll... 64 bibles for the Kids Club Kids and TEENS!!! This is a small church with big hearts! As a humble servent.. this is a ministry that is thriving on the beliefs of our members that the word of God needs to be put into the hands of the children. Praise God!

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