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Here's a running list of websites and game resource books. Add yours!

Barbara in Portland wrote: "Here's a great resource for Bible Games & Skills workshop."

The Big Book of Bible Games from Gospel Light

Games for Bible Story review, scripture memory games, and life application games. For grades 1-6, they are reproducible.  This book has been revised, and may now be available in two parts at online retailers like Amazon.


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  • Big Book of Bible Games
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Originally posted by Cindy LB - posted June 10, 2003
Here is a website with great game ideas. They have a few Bible game ideas, Books of the Bible, and Adam naming the animals, and I really like her rendition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Games For Learning

All of these are review games so you make up your own game cards depending on your rotation lesson topics.

Simple yet effective

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Games for Preschoolers

BIBLE STORY GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS, By: Lori Niles, Group Publishing Inc, 1998, ISBN: 0764420593.
DESCRIPTION: Preschoolers learn by playing, and with these simple, age-appropriate games, children actually learn and remember Bible stories! You'll get 100 easy-to-do games that all tie in to Bible stories and use few or no supplies. These "everyone-wins" games help children feel good about church and themselves and give teachers a wide range of games to fit in with any Bible lesson.

RING AROUND JERICHO AND 50 OTHER BIBLE GAMES FOR PRESCHOOLERS, Daphna Flegal/LeeDell Stickler/Judy Newman-StJohn, Abingdon Press, 2001, ISBN: 0687048206.
DESCRIPTION: Is loaded with 50 games that will cure your classroom blahs. Some use reproducible pages, which are included here. And since each game in Ring 'Round Jericho relates to a specific event in the Bible, your preschoolers are learning while they're playing. Index of Old and New Testament stories in front of book.
Games for Teenagers

The Gigantic Book of Games for Youth Ministry Volume 1, By: Michelle Anthony, Dennis McLaughlin, Group Publishing, 1998, ISBN: 0764421131.
Description: Never be caught flat-footed at game time again! Here are a whopping 300 games, each a sure-fire hit gathered from the top-secret files of veteran youth workers! You get team-building games, Bible-learning games, and energy-burning games.

The Gigantic Book of Games for Youth Ministry, Volume 2, By: Group Publishing Inc, Group Publishing, 1999, ISBN: 0764420895.
Description: Be ready for fun times at an instant's notice with this big book of games for teenagers! With brain stretching games, friend making games and holiday games, kids will have a blast...make new friends, excerise their minds, and celebrete odd holidays, too! More than 300 games are included, so they'll never get bored with the same old thing.

The New Teen Choices Game, Cook Communications, ISBN: 9834500882 .
Description: Making the right choice can be tough. But with the help of Teen Choices, learning to make the best decisions becomes exciting entertainment! Grab your family or your friends (or both!) and get ready to come face to face with some of life's toughest decisions, including those involving peer pressure, honesty and purity. Learn how to base all your decision-making on Biblical principles (twenty in all, supported by several verses from the popular NIV translation of the Bible).

Designed for ages 12 to 18, the New Teen Choices is great game play for three to six players, and can also be played in teams. Includes colorful game board, six player markers, 150 dilemma cards, 10 principle cards and an instruction/reference booklet.

During the COVID pandemic, a young web developer created several free puzzle-maker websites for distance learning under the name Aptibyte LLC. They can be created and played online, or downloaded and played offline.  These are great tools. They're essentially free, but some features may require a very modest membership fee. Check them out.

Jeopardy Labs

Create "jeopardy-like" quiz game shows, and either play them online or download them and play them offline on your computer's browser.  Certain features require membership ($20 lifetime at the time of this post). 

Crossword Labs Puzzle Maker

Crossword Labs Puzzle Maker at    Free if you publish your puzzle to the public on their site.


  • Quick, simple and free to use
  • Shareable crossword URL
  • Solve the puzzle online
  • Works on tablets and phones
  • Embed your puzzle on your website
  • Print/export your crossword puzzle to PDF or Microsoft Word
  • Download your crossword as an image

Also: WordSearch Maker


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  • Jeopardy-like games for Bible teaching
  • Bible Crossword Puzzle Maker

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