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Game Lessons and Ideas for teaching the Story of Adam and Eve - Genesis 2 - in Sunday School

Post your game Sunday School lessons and ideas for Adam and Eve, Genesis 2 & 3.

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Domino Game Lesson Idea

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Using Dominos - how can one sin lead to a domino effect.

Supplies Needed:

  • Dominoes
  • Masking Tape

Workshop Details:

  1. Tape a shape down on the floor (may need more than one if class is large). 
  2. Children will line the dominoes up along the tape. 
  3. Try to get each child a turn to line the dominoes up or start the dominoes falling.

Talk with the children about the fact that one sin leads to others and pretty soon it is hard to stop. Also, you could have a discussion about the idea that my sin does affect others.

If you have “extra” time you may want to play “God says” (like Simon says).

Kernel of another idea:
Working in groups, have teams design a 'picture' with dominoes that represents something from the story, or a group of "domino friends" or perhaps the word "sin".

Game idea from member Mary Amrick


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Exploding Snake Demonstration or Game

Came across this fun "demonstration" ...which I think could be turned into a game or sorts.

It's called various things, including: "Exploding Stick Bomb,"  "exploding COBRA" or "exploding snake," because of the shape the interwoven sticks take on, and how they jump about when they come undone. That's a nice connection to the serpent in the story, don't you think? 

There are many instructional videos posted on the web, so it's easy to replicate. You can search for videos on youtube of "exploding stick bomb" or "weave." has a really good "how-to"

 Here's one on YouTube.


A few biblical points for your demonstration: (that need further fleshing out):

  • As our sins pile up, they often 'explode' on us, turning into disasters.
  • A small sin, such as lying, can turn into something worse, such as a ruined reputation.
  • We should submit ourselves in prayer on a DAILY basis (if not more!) and certain when we are tempted (begin to construct our stick-serpent). 
  • "O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." 
  • {Insert your ideas here!}

Fun but serious questions that need fleshed-out:

  • Does God keep us from constructing piles of sin? (Why didn't God stop the serpent?)
  • How does Jesus save us from sin?  Capital Sin vs lowercase sin?
  • Does God "explode" sin? Stop sin?
  • Does Jesus "protect" us from sin? Or save us from the ultimate consequences of our sin?
  • After the cobra/serpent unravels, what happens to the sin? Are we 'free' from sin?
  • 1 Cor 15:55  "O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?"

These are big important questions.

Theological Note:

In some theological interpretations, the "serpent" in the Adam and Eve story is interpreted as "Satan."   HOWEVER, the Rabbis of the Old Testament didn't identify the serpent as Satan. Rather, they identify the serpent as the sin of "desire."  The desire to be like God, to make your own rules. 

To make this point, I would invite the students to LABEL the popsicle sticks with various types of sins. If you need a list, google and print it, then ask students to give examples of each and label their stick accordingly.

Turning it into a game...

Who can make the longest "cobra" in five minutes?

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Neil later wrote a detailed lesson plan that uses this "stick" activity. It's part of the Writing Team's Game Workshop lesson set on Adam and Eve.

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